What's the weather today-outside?

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.  And since we’ve no place to go, let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!”  We all recognize the words to that very famous Christmas song, don’t we?  Do they bring back great memories for your family?  So often in Buffalo, this is our theme song!  Snow is a big part of our reputation and for those of us who don’t mind it, it can be a beautiful sight, blanketing the muddy earth with a soft covering of white fluff that is truly mesmerizing.  When the sun shines as well, the diamond glitter that gleams on the surface is almost blinding and it is a sight to behold!  Spectacular and gorgeous…

It’s funny but some of our best family memories are of times when the weather outside was so frightful, we had to hunker down and totally change our plans.  Sometimes, our electricity would go off with downed power lines, and we would be forced to start a fire in our wood stove and even cook on it.  We would pop popcorn, and drag air mattresses into our dining room, where our wood stove took up one end of the room.  We would pull out our favorite board games and play by the light of candles.  Our boys were almost sorry when the electric power was restored.

As “inconvenient” as many would consider the loss of electricity, we saw it as a chance to really enjoy each other as a family. So often, it was the TV that was turned on for entertainment at the end of a long day, and that was never conducive to chatter and catching up on everyone’s day (except occasionally during the countless advertisements).  When the power was down, and the only options were board games and fireglow, it was a cozy, warm, and especially memorable evening, despite the nasty weather outside.

In fact, it was so pleasant and special that there were times we considered “faking” the power outage…just for the memories.

So, what’s the weather outside? Should you take advantage of freezing rain or a blizzard to spend some special, quality time with the kids, making popcorn and challenging everyone to a game or two of “Clue”, “Monopoly”, “Settlers of Cattan” or “Munchkins”?  Think of this blog post when things get icy and dicy, and you know it is in everyone’s best interest to stay put and stay warm!  Pull out the munchies and the “Munchkins” and make some memories!  And if you live somewhere where it’s beautiful 90% of the time, God bless you~ but you can still bless your kids with an unexpected night in, enjoying family time!

Ann Van De Water, author of MOMMY MEMOIRS

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By Ann Van De Water