What's in a Name, Really?

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What’s in a name really?
Yes, we are called “Mother”, or “mom”, “momma”, “mum”, “mummy”, “mama”, “ma”, “muzz", “mommy”, or any of the hundreds of other names we’ve picked up along the way.  Some have been given us by our rocketing toddlers as we launch ourselves in hot pursuit of their fleeting forms; others by our disgruntled teens as we’ve insisted on a chore to be done and yet others in the years in between.

The problem is: unless you’ve been a mom, you don’t ever truly understand what it takes to be a mom! Poets can wax eloquently about the attributes of mothers, famous people in history can give credit where credit is due to the women who have raised them to make an impact on humanity, and men throughout the ages have acknowledged that women do indeed shape and mold their offspring in ways that men never could.  We women influence the lives of everyone around us in more ways than we even want to admit at times!  On closer examination, we realize that the word “mother” embodies all of our varied experiences with our own moms too~ good and bad, helpful and hurtful, encouraging and damaging, healthy and unhealthy. We have hopefully learned what we want to emulate and what we want to avoid in the raising of our own children. Sometimes, there are generational chains which need to be broken.

The role of mother throughout the generations has encompassed many job descriptions into one title: counselors, nurses, & psychologists, EMT’s, ER physicians, boo-boo bandagers, shoppers, “couponistas” & nutritionists, entertainers, party & event planners, hostesses, sleepover arrangers, tutors & homework overseers, travel agents, chauffeurs, schedule managers, audience participants, enthusiastic & energetic cheerleaders, tireless fundraisers, sporting event promoters, proud concert goers, ticket sellers, report card signers, teacher intermediaries, conflict mediators, referees, cooks & chefs, home decorators & housekeepers, dish washers & laundry doers, bloggers,Thank You note writers, Christmas pageant directors & choir members, church attenders, vacation planners, lunch makers, primary caregivers, PTA presidents, community leaders, wives, daughters, grandmothers, daughters-in-law, aunts, sisters, & lovers…to mention a few!  

There isn’t enough money in the world that can pay us for the time and years we devote to our families…the energy and tears we pour into our children’s lives…the dedication and devotion we have to our husbands.  Our world can’t afford us~ and yet, we give tirelessly of ourselves every day, earning our pay of kisses with our life’s blood, sweat and tears.  Don’t ever presume to know what is in the name “Mommy”…unless you are one!