What Direction are We Taking in 2014?

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Well, here we are~ the old has passed, the new has arrived! Can we count our blessings and be at peace with how 2013 panned out? Or are there unresolved issues that still need to be addressed?  I know I have things that I wish had been different last year…perhaps some soul searching and a few visits with people I care about will help me say goodbye to 2013 with a clean heart.

So what direction are we taking in 2014? What does “Happy New Year” mean to us? Does it mean a more peaceful environment on the home front? Does it mean having an abode to escape to where we feel loved unconditionally and supported whole-heartedly? Does it mean making amends with an estranged child or a stubborn, self-centered parent? What would make 2014 a “happy” new year?

We say it so glibly, don’t we? In our exuberance to welcome the new year in style, we say it when the ball drops (if we last that long into the night!) to whomever we are with, hoping that by speaking those words, they will make our best wishes come true.  But what would that look like to us?

More importantly, how can we make that a reality? How can we take control of the new year and turn it into 365 days of happiness, health and good living, for the most part? What needs to change in our outlook, attitude, or confidence (or lack thereof), our relationships, work ethic, or perspective? How can the words we say and the actions we take in the daily grind affect the outcome for 2014?

As parents, we all wish the best in our home life: for our children, our spouses, our families of origin, and our extended families, but sometimes life has a way of throwing us curveballs. We can’t always have things go our way.  However, it behooves us as we start this next year to examine what situations we wish to change, which ones bring us joy, what people tear us down and which ones build us up, how we can believe in ourselves and walk the path God has for us with assurance and faith?

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Let us welcome 2014 with the love of Christ in our hearts and the perseverance to make it a great year~ May we learn to let go of those things that keep us bound and strive for love and excellence in everything we do.  Most importantly, let us give of ourselves like never before to help others enjoy life in this new year as we travel beside each other on our journeys!