The Blessing of Contentment

The Blessing of Contentment

I have a question for you?  Are you content?  Do you appreciate and focus on the moments and days that you are given, rather than looking back on the past or wishing for the future?  It’s a real core question because there is much to be said for being content in the present, and reveling in what life has for you each day, rather than wishing it away ~ especially for us moms who have so much to deal with on any given day and can get so exhausted making it through each day.

Obviously, this depends on your circumstances but if you find life to be grinding along and your thoughts constantly going to “if only…” or “I’ll be happier when…” then chances are you haven’t grabbed a hold of contentment.  I have found it to be a critical component to choosing joy in your life.  It is a daily discipline to choose joy…and find contentment in the small things and God given moments.

A number of years back, my pastor’s wife Sue and I wrote a drama for our Women’s Ministry “Girl’s Night Out” about Contentment.  The idea of it was this: we started out with a young woman who was single, in her early 20s, looking ahead in life and wishing she was married.  She knew she would be happy “if she could just find the right guy and settle down”.  The next young woman was our newlywed, saying how much she loved her husband, but what she “really wanted was to start a family”.  The woman who followed her was overwhelmed and exhausted with little ones to nurse and diapers to change and couldn’t wait until her children were more independent.  The next had kids in elementary school but was running ragged with a baby still at home, ballet lessons, classroom mom obligations, PTA meetings, etc.  You get the picture.

Then came the mom of middle-schoolers who was running them to and from all of their after-school activities and couldn’t catch her breath.  Hormones and her children’s friends were the concerns of the tween-ager’s mom who knew she would find peace when her kids were a bit more mature and had finally moved from being “children” to being teenagers…whereas the mom of teens was exasperated with dating, worried about alcohol and drugs, and trying to figure out college applications.  She couldn’t wait until her kids were finally settled into the college life.

Then we heard from the mom of young adults who were finding their own spouses, moving out for good and getting married.  Her sleepless nights were fraught with wedding plans, relationship issues with soon-to-be daughters and sons-in-laws and the change in family dynamics.  And finally, along came the grandmother.  She was delighted with her grandchildren who she could give back anytime and could spoil all she wanted because she wasn’t responsible for their upbringing!  She loved her grandmother role but never saw enough of her loved ones because of distance. Her husband had passed away and she missed him tremendously and was very lonely, but she had finally found contentment in her life because that was a choice she made and the life she had left suddenly seemed very short!

Do you see what I mean?  It is so easy to always be wishing for the next phase…just to get past the difficult challenges of the current age and stage of our lives and those of our children.  However, contentment is a beautiful thing…Maybe we should focus on the here and now and be grateful for the blessings in the midst of even the chaos and sometimes the pain! If we take the time to look, we will always find a blessing~ Enjoy the gift of each day as it comes…

Please leave a comment and let me know how you have tackled the tendency to always think “if only…” or “I will be happier when…” ~ How have you come to appreciate the here and now?  What changed your perspective?  Would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!  God bless!