At Our Beck and Call


We must all be out of our minds!

Granted, life has gotten much easier with everyone we know at our fingertips, available with the keypad on our phones at our beck and call. But have you noticed how technology is slowly and insidiously taking over our lives?  I’m one to talk~ I am communicating with you all via my MAC laptop, every day! I have followers from all over the place who can read my thoughts on their own laptops, PC’s, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones…the list goes on and on.

I guess what really scares me is the distinct possibility that, with all this technology floating around, we are doomed to become a human race that does not know how to communicate face to face.  We are slowly becoming so accustomed to speaking with people via electronic devices that I believe many of our young people aren’t learning the social graces of being in person and in touch. They aren’t learning how to make eye contact, or give a hearty handshake. They are definitely missing out on knowing how to engage with adults and have meaningful, intelligent conversations.  If they don’t have a device in their hand or at their fingertips, they are inept at communication.  We have to prod them to say a simple hello!

The photo on this blog post is a common scene, even when a family is “enjoying” a nice meal out at a restaurant!  How sad.  What ever happened to catching up on everyone’s day and finding out how everyone is doing? Wake up world!

Does this concern anyone else? I see children at very young ages playing games on their parents’ cell phones.  Their mom or dad has handed over the phone to keep Junior entertained and he is gladly entrenched in a video game of Angry Birds for hours. What are we teaching our little ones?  They are becoming more and more dependent on being entertained rather than entertaining themselves.  Even cars and vans now come equipped with televisions so Mom and Dad can have a peaceful trip while the kids are comatose in the backseat watching yet another episode of “The Simpsons” (don’t even get me started on that!)

We are out of our minds.  We are not encouraging our children to be creative anymore. It is true that computers are invaluable when it comes to education and having a better understanding of the world we live in.  Our children get to see on the screen of their choice places in the world and things in nature that they may never have the good fortune of experiencing in person in their lifetime.  How many of us adults have ever visited the Galapagos or Arctic? How many have seen Orcas in the wild or quetzals in the rain forests of Central America?  It is wonderful to teach our children about the wonders of their world with the wonders of technology that bring the world right into our living rooms.  But beware! If everything is brought into the living room, some day in the future we will not see the need to leave our homes!

Who else out there is seeing the dark side of this advancement in technology as it pertains to our young people and even younger children? Write and leave your comments~ I know I’m not the only one concerned about these new trends!