Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

As we head into Spring (we’re finally getting a hint of it in the weather!) I was honored to do a speaking engagement for a MOPS group in Cheektowaga, New York yesterday.  I helped kick off the season by getting our focus in the right place…or better yet, the right direction…UP - focused on our Creator God who gives us every good and perfect gift and is faithful in even the routine things that we often take for granted, like the seasons!

So here was the question I asked the moms: on our motherhood journeys, can we come to the point of being okay with our “beautiful messes”?  Can we stop worrying about what we look like on the outside and instead focus on the Spring cleaning that needs to happen on the inside…in our hearts and minds?  I decided that this would be my topic yesterday, very appropriate for the first day of Spring!

Let me put it more gently: can we concentrate on and celebrate the big picture of what God has in store for us as we raise our little ones in His image, rather than picking apart our perceived “performances” as moms?  It is so very important for all of us to remember that our lives should be played out for an audience of One~ our Creator God and Heavenly Father!  He is the only one we need to please.  Are we aware of that on a daily basis?  I know I have to be reminded regularly…

We need to stop the comparisons we make of ourselves against other mothers, which John Rosemond calls “The Mother Bar” because when it comes right down to it, we never know what goes on behind closed doors and unless we’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, we can’t know what they deal with on a day-to-day basis in their life!  So, we just need to stop comparing!  God is the only perfect parent and He has everything under control, always!  If we take time to listen to Him and seek Him, we can be greatly confident in our mothering because He will guide us and bless us in ways that we could never imagine!

What I think happens to us in motherhood, is that we get “torqued” about things that really don’t matter in the big picture!  Wouldn’t you agree?  We worry too much about our “beautiful messes”.  Wouldn’t you say that if we take a step back, and look at things from a non-critical, fresh perspective, we can probably admit that we each know more than we give ourselves credit for.  God has placed in us the ability to mother well if we listen to His voice!

Believe me when I say that when I was a young mom, there were plenty of days when I was exactly where you all are today…tired, frustrated, at the end of my rope sometimes, grasping for strength or endurance or patience or peace!  Can you relate?  There were days when I worried that I didn’t have what it was going to take to mother my children well.  I felt inadequate, exhausted, ignorant, unsupported at times and overwhelmed most days.  Does any of this sound familiar?  

Then there were the days when I felt I could do it all in my own strength and I often tried.  Those were often good days, but also the prideful, dangerous days.  Our walk with Christ is a daily “spring cleaning” in an effort to get rid of our pride and our despair…an effort to clean up our internal thoughts that 1) keep us from reveling in the gifts we have been given and 2) allow the big, ugly messes to creep in…and believe me, they will creep in if we don’t keep them in check and give them to God on a regular basis!

More on "Spring Cleaning" next time!  What have you done lately to start the "spring cleaning" in your heart and mind and to focus on your Audience of One?!   Let us know!  Thanks, as always for reading and have a wonderful, blessed weekend!