So, You're a Mom!

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Is it the best thing ever? Or do you feel like it's the hardest thing you have ever done in your life? Are you enjoying those special moments and noticing the time flying by or do your days drag, in an endless challenge of diaper-changes, feedings, more diaper changes and even more feedings? Do you feel alone on the path of motherhood? Do you believe you are the only one experiencing what you do in your daily grind? Are you floundering with sleep deprivation? Do have the energy to even get dressed in the morning?

Here's the bad news: If you are a mom in the infant stage of child-rearing, it will be a while before the fog lifts! It will take two years before you can climb out of the servant phase of mothering. Your world needs to revolve around your child in the daily provision of shelter, food, clothing, and protection. There won't be many opportunities for vacations, girls' nights out, or luxurious long soaks in the tub. The only reading you will have time for are Mommy Blogs or pediatrician newsletters and you will crave moments alone.

The good news is: you will never get enough of those tiny precious hands and perfect little feet.  You will bathe them and want to bottle the scent of new baby smell. You will marvel at the miracle in your arms and fall head over heels in love! And before you know it, they will be mobile and you'll be into stage two!

If you are in the toddler stage, you have learned to don your running shoes early in the day, because that's all you'll be doing for a while.  The bad news is: they have more energy than you and will get into everything! There's not much that isn't interesting and the world is theirs to explore and conquer!  No matter what shape you are in, you'll always be struggling to stay a step ahead of the little rascal.  They will learn the word "NO!", discipline will be tougher and being clear, concise and consistent will be critical!

Then before you know it, they'll be off to school and you will likely shed a tear or two on the first day!  You can't believe it ~ they seem so grown up all of a sudden.

The good news is: you can shape them, teach them and role model so many important things now. Their little brains are taking in so much and as the bible says: (if you) train them up in the way that they should go... when they are old, they will not depart from it! You can look for those teachable moments and instill in them the manners that matter and the character that will define them as they mature. Lead them now, mentor them when they are teens, and you will reap the harvest of a precious friendship when they are adults.

In no time flat, they hit high school, and you realize that in four years, they will be gone ~ off to college or pursuing their own dreams, fledged from the nest you have provided all these years. You unconsciously hold on tighter as they stretch their wings and seek their independence... and there is the rub! However, if you have done your job right, you will never lose them~ and therein lies the gift of generations of treasured relationships!  Enjoy the journey

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