Pink Gorillas and the Fountain of Youth

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We had friends who had two girls just about the same ages as our two older boys.  We used to get together on a regular basis when our children were little.  While the kids played and fought, the parents played cards and fought over brownies while we commiserated about the trials of being parents.  We compared notes on such things as discipline, diet, health issues and school scenarios.

One of the things we noticed right away was the difference in raising little girls and little boys.  Our friends had a giant stuffed gorilla, which their girls had affectionately named Lucille.  The gorilla took up an entire corner of their small bedroom but was their favorite stuffed animal.  You often hear of the importance of little girls learning how to be “mommies” from their own mothers. Feeding, changing and rocking Lucille was a daily routine in their household.  This was no easy feat as Lucille was probably twice as big as the girls, who were both very petite.

One day we were at their home enjoying coffee and our weekly ration of feel-good desserts. (Did you realize “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”?) All of a sudden, Lucille got dragged into the living room by one of our boys.  Much to the horror of their daughters, our sons then engaged in a wrestling match with Lucille, who was manhandled on the living room rug as our boys began to jump on her and toss her to and fro in their make-believe competition.  Our friends looked on in horror, as their daughters gasped, covered their eyes, cried and begged their parents for our boys to stop.

We ended the free-for-all by pulling our boys off Lucille and encouraging them to go find something less physical to entertain themselves.  Our friends let out a sigh as the mom slowly said, “Well, I guess God knew what He was doing when He gave us girls!”

God always knows best.  There are certainly things you will never experience if you have kids all the same sex.  We tease our friends and say, “We never did pink!  Never learned how…” so we don’t know about ribbons and bows, dollies and baby carriages, dress-up or My Pretty Pony. Of course, our friends who have only girls can’t relate to model airplanes, GI Joes, Legos or Transformers.  Clearly, they have had no experience with the Fountain of Youth on the changing table.  There were times I wish I wore glasses!  That’s another tip they should give you when you take your baby boy home, but no…it is all a part of the whole experience that just wouldn’t be complete if you had a warning ahead of time!

*Excerpt taken from MOMMY MEMOIRS~ A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom, soon to be released as a paperback on Feb. 1, 2014~

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