MOMMY MEMOIRS being released Saturday!

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How many of us started on this parenting adventure with the unrealistic dream of being the “perfect mom”?  I did!  Guess what? I wasn’t…This book is not intended, by any means to be a how-to-book.  It is more like a “been-there-done-that, fumbled through and by God’s grace survived” book.  To be totally honest, this was intended to just be a “work of heart” to my husband and three sons…a tiny token of my deep appreciation for the rip roaring ride!  It was meant to be a “thank you” gift of sorts for the years of tears, laughter, heartaches, and hilarity that marked the coming of age of our boys, our joys!

Yes, I wanted to be the perfect mom.  Our intentions are always wonderful. However, life has a way of challenging us all, even on our best days.  You know they say that experience is what you get when you don’t get what you came for!  I wrote in one of my chapters, “It wouldn’t have started with something called ‘labor’ if it was going to be easy!”

Our boys would be the first to tell you that I made my fair share of mistakes.  The sections in my book admitting my failures as a mom are few ~ not because I did it all right, but because admitting you failed is a hard thing for all of us to verbalize.  It is an even harder thing to confess on paper for posterity! Yikes!  I wanted to do my best…I guess I did.  However, my best wasn’t perfect, by any means.

What I did learn on my journey is that nobody’s perfect at this parenting thing.  It is not for sissies!  It is hard work and it takes commitment and determination.  It helps us to grow and learn to depend on God through it all.  Every mom’s sentence is eighteen+ years of hard labor. If we do our jobs right, they’ll break our hearts, and fly from our nests.  If we don’t do our jobs right, they’ll break our hearts, come back to the nest and live at home with us indefinitely!  Seriously, if we play our cards right, we’ll reap years of incredible relationships through the generations.  What a gift!

Life as a mom can be hectic, even depressing at times and yet exhilarating! It is one adventure after another.  None of us can escape the bumps and bruises~ you can count on them. There are memories that make your heart sing and moments that shatter your heart into a million aching pieces. We will all fail our kids in many ways so here’s a tip: try to put money aside for everyone’s inevitable therapy down the road! Oh, and remember to be kind to your children along the way; they may eventually choose your nursing home! Our job is to give our children roots that go deep into the soil of a rich heritage.  It won’t be easy ~however, if you pray as you parent and keep God at the center of your family, you’ll do just fine!

It makes motherhood so much easier when you know there’s someone a few steps ahead that can relate, who has ventured down the path before you and is willing to share what her life as a mom was all about.  Let’s open our hearts to walk beside each other.  We will be stronger for the journey when we share the adventure!

So come catch a glimpse of my motherhood experiences ~ pregnancies and deliveries through to engagements, weddings and the ever-hysterical hysterectomy! My book spans 25 years of memories! I hope you will understand how important it was to always keep a sense of humor as each day unfolded.  Most of all, I hope you see what an honor, privilege and joy I believe it can be to partner with God in one of the most amazing careers you could ever choose.  Enjoy a chuckle, and perhaps a tear or two.  I’ve been there, done that, and can honestly say: there is no greater blessing in all my life than being a mom!  I hope with all my heart that you love my book!


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An eBook Devotional Companion is available for free with the purchase of the book for a limited time grab a copy of the book on Feb. 1 and let me know what you think! I would covet your feedback!  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful February!