So, here are my words of wisdom for today…are you ready?
No matter what happens, once you become a mom- don’t lose track of your girlfriends! Even if some of them are not moms yet, or aren’t married, or lag behind you in their timing with marriage or motherhood, keep in touch! Stay connected, because some day you will be so glad you kept them close.  It doesn’t matter how wonderful your marriage is, or how delightful your children are…girlfriends can relate! When you get together to catch up with each other, you’ll feel like you were just chatting yesterday no matter how much time has gone by, and as you get to watch each others' children grow, there is a bond that forms between you that can withstand most of life’s biggest waves!

Girlfriends can commiserate…they can understand what you’re going through. Chances are, many of them are going through the same stages right around the same time. When you’re sleep deprived, they’re sleep deprived.  When you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, they are running ragged too! When you’re pulling your hair out because your two year old has learned the word, “No!” and is driving you crazy with misbehavior, they’ll relate.  And when you’ve just decided on a mac ’n cheese dinner with canned green beans because you have to get Junior to his little league game, she’s just opened a can of DelMonte green beans and put water on to boil as you dialed her number.

Then come the teenage years, and driver’s ed. and you’ll call her up to hear her words as you try to calm down.  She says, “Yeah, Orville nearly got us killed running a stop sign this morning on the way to school! I’m ready to revoke his permit” and you realize you may just have pressed two angels into overtime today with your teenage drivers! Then in no time, you’re calling her up to ask advice on a caterer for the wedding reception and a year or so later, you know she’ll appropriately ooh! and ah! over your grandson’s baby pictures. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a friendship that will take you through your golden years!

When we launch into motherhood and find ourselves breathless at the end of most days, it is easy to let our other relationships (with our husband, our friends and our extended families) go by the wayside in our commitment to do right by our new babies. We pour ourselves into the lives of our helpless babes and forget that there were others, supporting us and cheering us on as we delivered our newborns and brought them home. In the days that follow, filled with feedings and diaper changes and more feedings and sleepless nights, we are so focused on our new roles that our old roles fade into the background.

Just wanted to give a gentle reminder…don’t forget about your girlfriends! Always, always hold them close and they’ll lift you up when you need them most!