Crap! I Gotta Go...

BeFunky_Crap! I Gotta Go!.jpg.jpg

Do you ever feel like this? Are you ever running in so many different directions that you don’t even realize your phone is in your ear? Are you hunting frantically for it under piles of papers, in the diaper bag or your purse as you speak with your best friend? Do you hang up in a sweat and continue to search, still not putting two and two together to understand that you were just on it, having a conversation, and you’ve stuck it in your pocket to look for it?

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 56 and lived with that dreaded, devastating disease for twenty years.  Consequently, when I do things like what is in this cartoon, the first thing I think is, “Oh my gosh~ I’m getting dementia!”  You young moms reading this probably don’t have the same reaction but it can be a little unnerving when we don’t remember where we put our car keys or how long we left the casserole in the oven?  Moreover, I have had some young moms say to me…"I do that!" 

In one of my trying times as a mom, when I felt more scatter-brained than put-together on a pretty regular basis (more than likely in the dense fog of sleep deprivation after my first was born with colic) I heard a term that put my mind at ease.  It was called “chaotic thinking” and it referred to all the information and input that our brains nowadays have to deal with and sort out. Our brains really do take a beating.  It has been said that we take in more information from one issue of the New York Times Sunday paper than people learned in a lifetime  back in the late 1800’s.  No wonder we feel like we can’t juggle or absorb it all.

Women are known for their multitasking abilities.  Moms especially, become pros at holding a baby in one arm, stirring a pot of chili on the stove while talking to her friend on her cell phone as she answers the door to sign for a package and somehow prevents the dog from bolting out the front door.  Or how about preparing mac ’n cheese at the stove, separating two Lego pieces that are stuck together for big brother while writing out her shopping list, all the while wearing baby Buford in a Mobi wrap on her front and keeping Half Pint from eating out of the dog dish?  Oh yes, we are the queens of multitasking and we take our jobs seriously.

But here’s my question: do we ever take seriously the task of making time for ourselves to rejuvenate and refresh? Do we run ourselves ragged for everyone else in our family, putting off our own breaks with a sense of guilt for even considering them? Do we put the girlfriend time on the back burner because we feel guilty spending the money on a sitter to restore balance to our lives as women?  Be careful~ It’s easy to burn out before you realize you have nothing left to give and you are running on empty, at the end of your rope and your reserves!  At that point, you’ll be yelling, “Crap! I gotta go! I can’t find my cell phone anywhere”.  You can bet, it will be stuck in your ear and you may just be headed for a meltdown.