Christmas Traditions

What traditions do you remember from your childhood Christmases? I remember that my parents never wrapped our presents.  They just grouped them in particular places in our living room for each of us and we were sent to our pile to investigate and discover.  There is just something about the face of a child on Christmas morning...We must never forget that the most important part of Christmas is giving gifts in love~ as God gave us the gift of His son because of His great love for us!  That is what our traditions need to reflect, and if they don’t, we have certainly missed the main component of this beautiful holiday.


Our presence and our unconditional love are gifts that we hope get returned as hearts turn toward home and families reunite to enjoy meals, open presents and share memories. Our hearts glow with the warmth of siblings and parents, perhaps aunts, uncles, cousins and maybe even grandparents, as we untie ribbons and tear open boxes to find that someone has thought long and hard about what to give us and have spent both their time and money to purchase it for us!

However, we know that whatever lies under the tree is a token gesture, compared to the perfect gift that God gave two thousand years ago. The Christ child was a gift that can change our lives if we choose to accept Him. He is calling our hearts to a transformed life and eternity with Him and we will never be the same after receiving and opening this precious gift. Is it time to accept the best gift of all this Christmas? Do it, for you will never be the same!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!