Another Snowday!

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What is it about the snow? It can be absolutely beautiful as it’s falling softly from the sky and blanketing everything with fluffy upon puffy layer of white stuff!  I’ve always loved trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue…I know, it’s childish.  But you can actually single out one snowflake from quite far up and aim for it.  And then there’s the totally kid-like entertainment of making snow angels. How long has it been since I’ve laid down on my back and spread my arms and legs and then brought them down and together to make snow angels? Why is it that adults feel it is too whimsical and irresponsible to do such a thing? When did we lose the ability to toss our cares to the wind and take delight in pure nonsense?

I have so many mom friends who have struggled this winter with the unexpected snow days.  I remember that every once in a while, when school was cancelled, it was a wonderful surprise and welcome reprieve from getting up early, getting everyone dressed and fed, making lunches and running for the bus!  Mittens or gloves were always missing their pair, hats were often wet from the day before, scarves never matched their coats and quite honestly, it was a miracle if they wore any of the winter paraphernalia at all.  Our sons took after their dad~ who used to wear at most, in our wildest Buffalo winters, a scarf and windbreaker as he ran the snow-blower down the driveway!

This winter has been a rough one.  Crazy temperatures across the United States, with wind chill and snow dumping that has schools cancelled everywhere. Our daughter-in-law even mentioned a “vicious dusting” of snow in Florida~ imagine! She’s a northern girl and was humored by the paralysis caused by an inch in the Panhandle.  I told her to hang out a plaque, for lessons from someone who knows “how to weather the weather”!

The hardest part of a winter like this is the tension that inevitably builds in the home as everyone catches cabin fever.  When it’s too cold out to go out to play, and everyone is starting to get on each others’ nerves, it can be exhausting as the mom and only referee! So here are some boredom busters that we have come up with over the years:

1) Make creative handmade cards for patients in local hospitals with your kids and plan to deliver them when the weather gets better ~ or for servicemen & women who are protecting our freedoms across the globe!
2) Bake cookies…who doesn’t love cookies?! Licking the bowl is the best part.
3) Have a marshmallow war ~ no one ever gets hurt, and the energy gets spent in a harmless way with everyone ending up on the floor laughing heartily.
4) Pop some popcorn and throw in a video! Come on, I know you have some hanging around, waiting to be watched again…healthy, family style entertainment ~ Disney or a musical.  Have the kids act out the parts/lines.
5) Do a project like re-arranging the furniture in their bedroom for a new look!
6) Go through old clothes and sort out the ones they’ve outgrown with a promise of two trips:   one to a consignment shop to get rid of the old clothes, one to a thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army) to buy some replacements!
7)  Organize some of your photos to be made into family albums (like Shutterfly books, they're great keepsakes)
8)  Play a board/bored? game and decide on an award for the winner of the game as well as the
family member with the  best sportsmanlike conduct!  Do you have a Chess/Checker board?  How about Mancala, Parcheesi, Sorry, Pictionary, Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly (that’s the game that NEVER ends!) Settlers of Cattan, Stratego…to list only a few!  The list is endless!  Whatever happened to good old board games? Introduce them to your kids~ they might really love them!

9)  Play dress up or have your children make up a show. They can make tickets  to sell, and include music, dancing, magic tricks, card tricks and jokes.  You, of course, will be the audience!  But chances are, you will have some peace and quiet as they rehearse!  What a deal!
10) Plan a scavenger hunt: give the kids a list of 50 random, miscellaneous items that they should be able to find around the house and have an award for the child that finds the most items on the list.
11) Have your children build a card house…that takes time and patience! This can only be done without little ones around, who will more than likely unintentionally ruin the fun.
12) How about a rousing game of hangman?  Great for little ones just learning.
13) Have you learned about Bananagrams yet?  It’s Scrabble on steroids! One of my favorites!
14) Any of many other thoughts you might come up with on your own~

Last but not least:   Give yourselves a round of applause for making it through yet another snowday with no casualties and…pray for school tomorrow!


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