And This Just Feels Like Spinning Plates

Chinese acrobats spinning plates.jpg

Don’t let the world define who you are!  Especially if you are a mom, it is a trap to start thinking that you have to fit into a particular mold of what mothers should be.  It is so easy to compare yourself to what you think other moms are like, and what they do with their families and in their homes!  So often, we only see what is on the outside, and it is a picture of complete serenity and an act that is “all put together”.  That is what our secular world wants us to see when we see each other in our mommy roles.  We want to be viewed as a mom who has her life as a wife and her role as a mother totally together…who doesn’t get flustered when things start to unravel…whose children never misbehave in public, and always do well in school and stay out of trouble at recess and are the perfect angels in Sunday School!

Isn’t it true? We want others to believe that there isn’t anything we can’t do…and, that we can do everything! We are the self-professed queens of multitasking, spinning more plates in the air than you can count.  We are indestructible, unflappable women who don’t get discouraged and don’t let the plates fall…ever!


And yet, the images we try to uphold wear us out. We find we are exhausted at the end of the day having tried to maintain some semblance of order! In our chaotic lives, we chauffeur our children to Timbuktu and back, from multiple after school activities, we shop, make dinner, do the laundry, clean the house, pay the bills, keep up with friends, volunteer in the school PTA, help teach children’s Sunday School, maybe even hold a part- or full-time job!  You have got to be kidding!  

We women bought into the bogus myth that we can do everything and do it all well.  Well, I have news for you~ that’s a big lie!  We can’t do everything well for long. Maybe when we first start we look good and feel good, but not forever. It is not humanly possible and we have to stop kidding ourselves and berating ourselves when we finally succumb to the exhaustion and depression of realizing we’ve started dropping some of the plates.

Don’t get caught in the comparison trap.  Don’t buy into the myth of doing it all, of keeping those plates spinning no matter what. Give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack and understand that loving your kids is the most important job, no matter what your house looks like or what you are not doing outside of the home.  That is what you can take to the bank and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You’re doing just fine…