Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

You know, there is a great deal to be said for that old adage…My husband was just recently on a missions trip to India, half way across the world.  I simultaneously ended up in California for an author’s conference.  We were separated for two and a half weeks during that time, half a world apart and both of us were away from home and our regular routine.  It was quite a change and actually, the longest we have ever been separated.  

As much as I enjoyed the writer’s conference, and as much as he was challenged and inspired on his mission’s trip, we really missed each other.  It was an interesting time and I am not exactly sure why the separation this time was so meaningful.  Someone might say that the anxiety I was feeling was due to the fact that I am a terrible flyer and can only remember one or two other trips when I flew alone. Others would say it was the weather, since flying any time for me is stress-producing but especially in the winter…(I was really relieved when we landed in California and not so keen on flying back into Buffalo with freezing temperatures!)

I think, quite honestly, that it had a lot to do with how long we were separated and out of our elements.  There comes a time in marriage where things feel so natural, comfortable and well…relaxed~ if you’ve hung in there long enough to reap the harvest of commitment.  The writer’s conference and the missions trip were taking us both away from the comfort in routine that we had come to appreciate.  Furthermore, it was putting us both into new circumstances and environments that were challenging and different.

Hence, the stress ~

However, there was also a renewed sense of appreciation for what we have ~ do you know what I mean? We both realized by being out of our comfort zones, that we have come to love our comfort zones.  It also made us realize how much we can grow by getting outside of our comfort zones.  It stretched both of us in ways that we hadn’t anticipated.

Now here’s the point of all my rambling.  We missed each other…really missed each other! More than I ever did when he was on a business trip or I was off visiting our sons somewhere.  Knowing that we were both being challenged and stretched made it all the more poignant.  And by the end of the two+ weeks, we were both ready to be back together, despite the little irritations, and the miscommunications, and the humdrum comfortableness (is there such a word?) which we had grown to love in our lives at home.  

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  A break from the regular routine can often help you to appreciate what you cherish without realizing that your cherish it.  

Even as moms, it is so important to get away from the humdrum routine in order to come back refreshed and rejuvenated, to appreciate your children more than ever.  Plan time for yourself, away now and then so you can come back with a new sense of commitment to your role, dedication to your children and love for the journey you are on! The break will also renew your sense of humor, which is critical for facing life’s inevitable curve balls and daily frustrations.  Always remember, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Furthermore, your children will appreciate you in a new way as well, because when they get a taste for what things are like without mommy in the picture, they will learn to be grateful for what you do and who you are! Try it, you’ll like it~ and so will everyone else!