Thanks Dads! or: Why I Absolutely Love the Father of my Sons

As we head towards Father's Day, I appreciate over and over how my husband fathered our sons over all these years.  I have come to appreciate him time and again in his role as a grandfather as I watch him toss his grandsons in the air and wrestle with them on the living room floor.  There is just something about a boy's dad (or a grandfather of grandsons) that is special...They "get" boyhood and sometimes I wonder if my husband really ever grew up...and if he did, that perhaps he just takes each opportunity to go back to his own boyhood days and revisit all the rough and tumble things he spent time doing that molded him way back when.  I so appreciate the man he is today and the role model he was for our sons. 

I love my husband and I loved watching him be the best dad he could be.  I melted when I saw him cradle our newborns in his big muscular arms, tender and protective at the same time.  When he read to our boys, it was always entertaining and watching him feed them a bottle was a memory I will hold dear as the years go by...he was so tenderhearted!  I also grew to admire his masculinity in a new and different way as he passed those traits on to our sons. 

Father's Day is a time to honor dads and what they mean to us.  Some women honor their own fathers, if their fathers have been involved in their lives and supportive of their accomplishments and dreams.  Others honor the father of their children, as they become more and more aware of the special things their husbands bring to the relationships they have with their kids.  Some dads fall into their roles with ease while others take some time to warm up.  Not all appreciate or feel comfortable in the beginning with newborns, but watch them take off when their little ones can finally interact and throw a ball!

Occasionally, dads will really step up to the plate when their kids show an interest in something that is of interest to Dad, but isn't it grand when it's the other way around!  What an affirmation for a youngster when Dad says, "Hey, that's cool.  Show me how to do that!"  and off they go to play a game of Wii tennis or try their hand at a new sport.  I attempted to never take for granted the engagement that my husband initiated with our sons.  They loved it from the get-go and it has benefitted them and paid off over the years.

Here's to the fathers who make their families a priority whenever possible...even when they're exhausted from a long day at work!  Here's to the dads that sow seeds early, and reap a harvest of rich relationships in later years because they showed they cared and were willing and able to sit, listen, talk, forgive and ask for forgiveness.  Here's to the father that reads to his children even though he's in the middle of a great novel himself!  Here's to the men in our lives who juggle so many balls and wear multiple hats and still have it in their hearts to appreciate a well-cooked meal by their wives and tuck their children in to bed with a sweet kiss on their foreheads and an "I love you!" whispered into tiny ears. 

We don't say it enough...once a year is dramatically insufficient.  We appreciate all you do and the love you show to each and every one in your family.  Thanks dads!

"It takes time to be a good father.  It takes effort; trying, failing and trying again."  Tim Hansel


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