Tomorrow is always another day...

So much has happened in the past week and a half that I am dizzy thinking about it!  Life has a way of derailing your best intentions and piling up the list of daily requirements until the "to-do's" definitely outnumber the "ta-dah's"!  However, if you look back on your moments and your days and know that you were where you were supposed to be, doing what meant most to you and those you love, there are no regrets! 

You can rest assured that tomorrow is always another day, and those things that you didn't get to, that still need to be accomplished, will be waiting patiently for you to attend to them in due time...unfortunately they never magically disappear, although often we wish they would!

I always loved the song from Annie entitled Tomorrow when she sings, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away!"  It used to sound so encouraging.  Now, with my head spinning and full of all the things I have to do, it sounds intimidating...the future will not wait for us to get organized or caught up!

I haven't been blogging because we've been out of town, with our youngest son, celebrating the end of his senior year of college, attending his Senior Music Composition Recital, throwing a huge reception, going to his graduation, and spending time with his oldest brother (who we hadn't seen in almost a year!)  It was a wonderful opportunity to be together as a nuclear family for the first time in almost six years as our two daughters-in-law were not able to join us for the recital or graduation and had our two grandsons with them. We missed the four additions to our family but it was a unique and rare opportunity to see the three brothers interacting once again as "the three musketeers", goofing off, giving each other a hard time, and enjoying their comraderie after a long separation.

I've also been busy rehearsing with our middle son for his end-of-the-year Pops Concert which was on Tuesday night (he is a middle/high school Choral Director in mid-state New York and does a fabulous job passing his passion for music on to his students.)  I have the honor and privilege of being his accompanist at the piano for his concerts.  It is always a challenge and a blast and I love being a part of his professional life in this rewarding and always memorable way! 

Oh and to top it off, I came down with a hefty case of acute bronchitis! Never a dull moment and let me be the first to tell you, there was nothing "cute" about it!  I know this is much more information than you needed or wanted, but I'm hoping you can relate and connect.  We all have our crazy lives to get through... some are crazier than others at certain points, but none of us are spared the chaos, or so it seems!

This weekend we are hosting our youngest son's "significant other", a delightful young lady we met at his graduation, and so our attention will be on her and making the most of her visit. We will visit Niagara Falls no doubt, celebrate her birthday which takes place when she is with us, and have the honor of having her with us for worship on Sunday morning.  Another wonderful weekend to store in our memory banks!

Needless to say, as you already know from previous posts, my family always takes precedence over my profession and hence, my blogging/writing has been laid aside out of necessity for a while.  You will find, as a mom, that when your adult children need you and invite you to be in their lives, there's not a whole lot that will keep you from answering their call.  We think it's going to settle down as they get older, but that's not necessarily true.  And if "being there"  means making memories and being a part of their life at special times, and when it counts most, you can count me in!

I will be back on track starting next week..looking forward to tackling the issues and concerns that often plague our journeys through motherhood!  Thanks for following and I hope you will stop in for a visit next week to catch up.  Appreciate, as always, your taking the time out of your busy lives to find out what is happening in mine, and what is on my mind!  Until then...