To Clear Up Any Confusion...

So often, especially when our kids hit the teenage years, a barrier to our communication builds up where we just can't get our point across!  Have you ever experienced it?  No matter how hard we try, we don't make the impression we want to make or send the message we need to get across...

I just came across this piece in Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul by Andy Skidmore...I thought it was perfect and delightful!  Let me know what you think.

What Parents Say  /  What Parents Actually Mean

Make up your bed  /  Learn good habits
Clean up your room  /   Have order in your life
Be careful  /  You're precious to us
Don't drive fast  /  We couldn't bear to live without you
Get off the phone  /  Get off the phone
Do your homework  /  Learn everything you can
Don't spend it all  /  Always keep some for emergencies
It's late  /  Get the rest you need
Pick up your clothes  /  Pick up your clothes
Good job in the play  /  What unbelievable talent
Good grade  /  You make us so proud
Feed the dog  /  Care for people and things other than yourself
Turn the lights off when you leave  /  Be responsible
Finish your project  /  Use your gifts and talents to their fullest
You're growing so tall  /  You're getting close to leaving home
Take out the garbage  /  Take out the garbage
College is important  /  Being prepared for life is important
Read your Bible  /  Always have the Lord in your life
Wear a tie  /  Look good, feel good, be good

And one that should never confuse you:
We love you  /  We love you
 Love,    Mom and Dad

Copyright 02/14/96
by Andy Skidmore

As published in Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul                                                                      Used with permission from Andy Skidmore 5/20/14


Maybe what we should all do is print this out, frame it and hang it on the wall of our children's bedrooms so when there is any question, or confusion, we can point to it and say, very lovingly, "This is what I mean to say and I love you!"  That would go a long way towards avoiding so many conflicts that we experience, at least with our growing, maturing but "still kids in many ways" teenagers!  We don't often get across the primary message that we want to impress on them, do we?  It is the one that says, "I love you, I am asking this of you to teach you things that will be so important as you go through life, and I want the best for you.  You will need to leave this 'nest' eventually, and I want you prepared for and confident about living a successful life on your own, without me!"  That's a hard message to give but an important one...hang in there!  :-}