Welcome Back! A Quick Background Blog Post

Welcome back!
Glad you decided to return for some awesome wisdom and no-nonsense, common sense advice regarding parenting.  John Rosemond, world renowned family psychologist, is very matter-of-fact when it comes to some basic foundational mind and heart shifts that will make a difference in your family dynamics.  

Let’s get down to brass tacks!  Some of what we learned that I will be writing about is going to stick in your craw!  Some of what you read you’ll agree with, sometimes you will smirk  and sometimes you will sit in shocked stupor and think to yourself, “I didn’t just read that!” Take my word for it…I’m sure that at this point, you are sitting on the edge of your seat with bated breath, waiting to see what I have to share!  John Rosemond has been known to be pretty controversial at times!  However, there is no arguing that when push comes to shove, his strategies work…desperate parents are prepared to take desperate measures!

To be fair, I must first begin with an overview- to help you understand where John Rosemond is coming from…He used to adhere to the psychological community’s assertions back in the 1960’s that parenting had to change. Back 50+ years ago when he first began his child psychology studies, we as a nation (according to JR) began to lean on people with capital letters after their names to tell us how to parent. We didn’t really need them he claims, but John asserts that we were led to believe by these people that they knew more about how to parent our kids than we did, and that when we ran into any  kind of trouble, they were the ones to be consulted.  Admittedly, JR was a proponent, at the time, of such thinking.

A huge shift occurred in that decade from traditional, Biblically based child-rearing (what JR refers to as “Grandma’s way”) to nouveau parenting, which became known as Post Modern Psychological Parenting.  This paradigm shift, which affected all of our institutions and the very foundations on which America was built, was instituted by secular progressives who attacked traditional marriage and child-rearing, claiming that a change was necessary for the better of society.

One of those “experts” was Thomas Gordon, author of “Parent Effectiveness Training” (Wyden, 1970- widely read and accepted).  {Ironically, my husband and I, as parents of the ’80’s had a copy of this book from our early days of parenting, given to us by my mom!}  He was one mental health professional who claimed that “traditional child-rearing suffocated the ‘natural child’.” His seminars and books helped convince ’60’s parents that child-rearing had to change…that “high self-esteem was the essential core, the basic foundation, of positive mental health.” (Teaching Children Self-Discipline at Home and at School, Thomas Gordon, PhD.)  He asserted that the use of parental “power” was a detrimental thing in the parent/child relationship.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, these Post-Modern psychologists (according to the later “enlightened” Rosemond) ripped authority out from under parents.  They convinced mothers and fathers that they could no longer count on “Grandma’s advice” or way of doing things (like her three R’s of child-rearing which I will discuss next week).  They also convinced parents that we needed the professional community to help us decipher the complex business of parenting. They moved away from common sense, taking parenting out of the heart and placing it precariously in the head.

If any of this rings true for you, join me on Monday for a continuation of John Rosemond’s wonderful common sense approach to parenting.  Thank you for reading…if you know of anyone who you think would benefit from some of JR’s advice, please refer them to my blog!  It is my honor and privilege to share his wisdom and insights as one of the 10 parenting experts on his www.parentguru.com advice website. Check it out and have a wonderful weekend…

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