Because I Had Only Sons...Part 2

So please read yesterday's blog post for my previous comments on having only boys (part 1)...

Here's a continuation of that post:

4) I wouldn’t know the first thing about feeding girls.  Despite the fact that our middle son went through a picky phase and our youngest went through a “food inspector general” phase (which kept our fridge free of science experiments), all I had to worry about, for the most part, was keeping enough food in the house.  My friends who raised only girls never ceased being amazed at our grocery bills, and when our sons got into high school, and especially into sports, I could never keep the cupboards or refrigerator stocked full enough. They ate anything and everything!

5) I can’t even imagine what it would be like to grow up in a household with another female suffering with PMS!  I know it was bad enough with just one in our house…never mind two or more! We knew a family with seven daughters that just kept trying for that boy, and finally gave up!  I’ve heard of and experienced the phenomena of women’s cycles becoming        synchronized when they are together (even for just a weekend) so I can’t picture a household with multiple females, having lived with all males.  I don’t suppose my guys would be able to imagine that either!  

6)  I wouldn’t know what to do as an audience member at a ballet recital after 20 years on the soccer field sidelines.  We were right there, cheering as loudly as we could at their games.  Being silent and just watching a dance recital would probably drive me insane.  My guys heard my “Woo-hoo” from one end of the soccer field to the other.  We were boisterous fans who would probably burst if forced to hold in our encouragement and appreciation of a job-well- done until the end!  Come to think of it...I never cared for ballet so there we go again; God just knew I would be a better mom for boys!

7) I know my appreciation of the reptile world has grown a hundred-fold.  I am still terrified of spiders but I graciously allowed a snake to become a member of the family, kept in an aquarium in my husband's office.  He was affectionately named "Sir Hiss" and I just prayed that he would never find his way out of the aquarium and into our bedroom.  Snakes are not the first choice of pets for daughters but I have come to admire these slithery (is there such a word?) creations .  I also don't mind holding toads, frogs or most insects (until they start having eight or more legs!)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am grateful for having had sons because I have learned much.  I would never give any one of them back! They were my pride and joy and despite the occasional pangs of regret at not having had a daughter, I have enjoyed my role as the only female in the household.  Now I get the awesome privilege of welcoming my daughters-of-the-heart to share their thoughts and experiences as females and it is drawing us close.

I wouldn’t trade any of it on Mother’s Day…I have been queen of my domain all these years, have accepted countless phone calls of love and appreciation from my sons and was their first love when each of them were babies.  How sweet it is to be a mom of boys!


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