Meltdown #4 and the Conclusion!

Well, I’m impressed…You’ve hung in there with me through thick and thin, to finally arrive at Meltdown #4 and my conclusion about all these "coincidences"!  It took almost nine months to get through these four meltdowns - how ironic;  just like it took nine months to write my book!  This final meltdown is not as impressive as the other three were in terms of magnitude.  If you were to rate it on the Richter Scale, it would probably come in at a 6 whereas the others were definitely around 8 and 9…I haven’t reached 10 which in my mind would require hospitalization, I guess.  Thank God, literally!

No, really, thank God! What I have noticed is that over the course of time, I have come to a peaceful acceptance of the fact that I need to keep plugging away because this book is where I am supposed to “be” right now.  I have grappled with my inadequacies but Jehovah Jireh, my Provider, has grace sufficient for me and He has made that very clear on many occasions;  you have read about three in this week’s previous posts alone.

So the most recent meltdown occurred at a point when, again, I realized I wasn’t keeping up very well with my publisher’s demands and the book signings, speaking engagements, radio interviews and TV appearances just weren’t happening. I was working hard but spinning my wheels!  Have you ever felt like that?  Mother’s Day was fast approaching, my tailor-made holiday to reach out to moms, my target audience!  I attempted to get a book signing at my own local Barnes and Noble and kept hitting a wall…for many reasons.  I felt stymied and frustrated but in control for a change.

Then I received a blog post in my inbox from Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.  My daughter-in-law had recommended this website to me that week.  If you don’t follow him, you’re missing out on some good stuff!  It was so timely, I couldn’t believe it, but I should have almost expected it, given God’s track record. I just didn’t expect the encouragement to come to me in blog form.  In this particular post, Ron wrote, “"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if (there is an if)... if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

Now, God is challenging the mistake that we make so often that costs us His best. We give up too soon…Well, God doesn't want you to make that same mistake with something that you've been hoping for; something that looks like it just isn't going to happen. You're tending to give up. But God is flagging you down today to say, "Don't become weary in doing good. The harvest you've hoped for is coming." It's like Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over 'till it's over."

(Ron’s baseball analogy) The problem is that we look at the score right now and we lose hope. But on God's scoreboard it's only your third inning, or the sixth or maybe the seventh. And maybe you're saying, "Well, there just isn't enough time for it to happen now." Or, "I can't see any way it could happen." Be careful! You're underestimating your all-powerful God.” (

God’s words of encouragement with my previous meltdowns had served to temper my reactions.  Consequently, my response was to put my head down and persevere.  In the midst of the challenges (and we always grow most during the challenges, don’t we?) the opportunities began to pour in.   (Visit the “events” page on my website for more information on what's coming up:

Is all of this yet another “coincidence”?  Here's my conclusion: God’s hope and encouragement comes to us in many different forms. This time it was on the internet..scoff if you want but don’t underestimate God’s power and ability to get through to us in whatever way He deems necessary and appropriate! I was on the computer constantly - what better way for Him to have a say about my current mindset.  I love it!

In 1 Kings 19, verses 11-13 God chooses to speak to Elijah “in a still small voice” after Elijah was looking for Him in the wind, in an earthquake and then in a fire to speak to him.  God chose to speak “in a still small voice”.  He always knows how to get through to us best!  As a mom, I often heard God speak to me in the “still small voices” of my children!  “Don’t become weary of doing good (the Bible says) for the harvest you’ve hoped for is coming!”  God bless as you listen for God’s voice to encourage you in your work!

Please “like”, comment and share if you enjoyed this “series” of blogposts about God’s encouragement in our daily lives.  Thanks, as always for reading and have a blessed Easter. Watch the “son rise”!