Meltdown #2

Meltdown #2.jpg

You came back for Meltdown #2!  My Meltdown #1 story was compelling, was it not?  When you think of the likelihood of standing on a random line, at a random ice cream stand at a random time and bumping into someone who just happened to read your book at a time when you really needed to hear that your book is making a difference and was just ahead of you on line…come on!  How can you NOT believe in divine intervention?

Okay,  so you still don’t?  It could have been a coincidence you say?  Read on!

It was a Saturday and I needed to have a LOF on my car. I decided to take my book (2 copies) and my computer with me to do some work on my book manuscript while I waited for them to do the work. I honestly don’t remember what month this was…sometime in the summer when I went to the Quick Lube shop. However, this story sets up meltdown #2 and the clearly communicated encouragement #2 right after the meltdown.

While I was waiting for the work to get done on my car, I noticed a young mom with her three sons in the lounge, also waiting for her car.  Her boys were being rambunctious, as boys are, and she was feeling a little exasperated with all their constant activity and noise.  I grabbed a copy of my book, inscribed and signed it, and went over to her.  “I raised three boys, I can totally relate…maybe you would like a complimentary copy of my book?  Enjoy it and hang in there!”  She thanked me and leafed through it.  I watched her chuckling and becoming immersed in my candid tales of mommy mayhem. The job on her car was completed and she left, waving goodbye to me, mouthing “Thank you!” and smiling with her sons.

I didn’t think much about that meeting. I had my second meltdown on the last Saturday of November.  Another episode of  “I can’t do this anymore!  I’m too old to be learning all this stuff…” etc.!  You must be asking yourself how I know the date?  I had just had my first few meetings with my new website/social media guru guy (I bow at his feet on a regular basis for the education and information he has imparted into this old brain: I remind him all the time that it is hard to fly with eagles when you work with turkeys! However, he has immeasurable patience with me and I feel very blessed to have found him in the chaos of the technological world which was beyond my comprehension when I started learning from him!)   Anyway…after my initial meetings with dear, brilliant Jeremy, I again started to cave and question my capabilities of learning all I needed to know about…remember, I had only been using my computer up to this point for typing.  Consequently, I was greener than green and quickly becoming overwhelmed once again about how much I didn’t know. Set up for meltdown #2!  

Notice that I was focusing on the negative, not on the positive of how much I could learn!  (We moms tend to do that sometimes, don’t we?  Focusing on how much we don’t know about motherhood, versus how much we do instinctively know and do right in raising our children, but that is another post for another day…)  

Meltdown #2 occurred  the day before the baptisms at our church.  My husband asked me the next morning when I wanted to attend services: early service at 9:30 or 11:00?  This was baptism Sunday, December 1st, one of the highlights of our year as a church family…usually.  Because of my meltdown the night before, I told my husband I didn’t want to go to church! He convinced me after some haggling back and forth to go to the early service and come home for a nice brunch and relaxing day.

At that early service (which we almost missed) the young mom from the Quick Lube shop was baptized!  Wait, it gets better.  In her testimony, she mentioned how our chance encounter at the Quick Lube shop had given her hope and how my book had convinced her to start going back to church, after struggling as a single mom with her busy boys!  As soon as the testimony was read, I knew she was speaking about our connection that Saturday morning months before and so did my dear husband…I burst into tears once again as he sat there, smiling like a cheshire cat. I rushed out, met her in the hall, soaking wet, and hugged her!

Remember, I didn’t want to go to church that morning.  I even had tried to talk my husband into going to the later service…I would have missed her baptism, her testimony, and God’s words of encouragement for me!  I am beginning to question the word “coincidence.”  

Have you ever had a chance to “pay it forward” for another mom…given her a word of encouragement, chatted a while about the challenges of mothering and given her hope and a reason to hang tough?  Do it!  You’ll never know how God will use your words to change someone’s life and perspective on mothering!

Thank you as always, for reading my blog!  I will be grateful for comments and feedback.  And if you have a chance, visit my Facebook author page at Ann Van De Water - Author and “like”  Have a great week~sorry this was so long, but I had to share!     
P.S. The Maserati in the photo is not mine…unfortunately!  :-}