Meltdown #1

So here is the story of my first meltdown!

I had been plugging away, trying to get everything in to my new publisher for the relaunch of my book, “MOMMY MEMOIRS~ A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom” by Morgan James of NYC.  They had scheduled the release of the eBook for October 2013 and I was really excited.  As is the case with publishing these days, I knew I had to have a “presence” on social media and start getting my name and my book title out there.  It was recommended that I start tweeting on Twitter, activate my Facebook author page to connect more with my readers, blog as often as possible (like every day!) and publish videos to YouTube three times weekly! Ha!

Right off the bat, I knew I wouldn’t be doing videos…it was too stressful. I got all tongue tied~ Me! The woman who didn’t blink an eye at the thought of doing stand-up comedy in front of 400 women at a women’s ministry event at my home church, couldn't talk into a camera and sound intelligent about my own book!  All this was on top of all the demands of formatting my book as an eBook and uploading the interior to the publisher, having read and edited with a fine tooth comb.  We had a new cover made, a new title and things were going along fairly well, although my naiveté about the publishing world and all the demands I would be experiencing was starting to catch up to me.  

I knew I needed help and hired a wonderful young man who started to fill my brain with all the technical know-how about social media that I needed to survive in this newly acquired rat-race!  In no time, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed.  Beginning to get a sense of being in “over my head” with all the technological demands of the computer world, I began to doubt myself and what I had gotten myself into!  It was way more than I bargained for and I felt inadequate, unqualified, and stressed beyond measure

I finally had a meltdown at the end of the summer! I was beside myself…sobbing about how I wished I had never even written the book!  My poor husband! He quickly suggested going for ice cream ~ which normally is the logical answer to just about all of my life’s struggles and crises.  This time I balked.  I had been crying, hard, looked like death warmed over, and could hardly catch my breath.  He literally put me in his truck and drove off to the ice cream stand in the village.

We parked, got out and stood in line.  I was feeling a bit self-conscious, knowing I looked a mess.  Suddenly, the woman just ahead of us on line turned around, grabbed my arm and asked, “Aren’t you the lady that wrote that hilarious book about motherhood?” I sheepishly, awkwardly admitted yes and she looked straight at me and said, “I loved it!” at which point I burst again into tears! It really shocked her and I tried to calm down and let her know, “You don’t realize how much I needed to hear that today!”  She proceeded to tell me how much she could relate to in the book and how all the women in their family had passed it around.  I couldn’t believe it.  My husband was smiling like a Cheshire cat!

Think about this…five minutes earlier or later and we would have missed each other.  She would have either already gotten her ice cream and headed to a bench in a nearby seating area, or she may have been behind us and never recognized me.  God is so good.  He knows when we need to hear from Him and I truly believe He sends us His encouragement via messengers who cross our paths when we need to hear from Him most!  Maybe one time is a “coincidence” but this has happened four times…I really believe He is letting me know, “Hang in there! You are touching lives!”  Do you hear Him letting you know that as a mom as well.  Listen closely!

I started to question the word “coincidence”.  Read tomorrow about Meltdown #2! When you watch for God’s hand in your life, it becomes unmistakable…

Have you ever had an experience that gave you reassurance that God was working “anonymously”?  Do you believe He cares enough for you that He will send people to speak encouragement into your life when you need it most?  Tell me about a time that happened!  I value your input, feedback and comments!

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