Memories Captured in the Heart

It’s funny how, as parents, we felt so compelled to get everything recorded for posterity.  What has dawned on me now that our sons have graduated and gone on to college and careers (not to mention starting families of their own) is that we have yet to pull out any of those old recordings!  Granted, they are on 8 millimeter tapes that have never been transferred onto CDs but quite honestly, even if they had been, I’m not sure we would have watched them!   What were we thinking?  It started back when we were young parents and video cameras came on the scene.  We carried our little SONY video camera with us to every soccer game, wrestling match and music concert when our guys were little.  We weren’t allowed to record their musicals for copyright reasons and quite honestly, those were the recordings we probably would have watched over and over again.  What a riot to see our sons playing their roles in musicals from elementary school all the way up through their senior years of high school…yeah, we were into the musicals, big time!

Some parents whip out their cameras to record every second of their children’s lives on video…or even on their Smartphones!  It’s great to have records of the big events (first steps, first haircut, first words, first day of school, etc.) but there are gold mines in the everyday moments that you will miss, candids that are priceless, because they last but a second. Those are the pictures you must set in your mind!  You will get a snapshot, or perhaps a short video of many wonderful moments, but so many small details of the daily growing-up progress just need to be witnessed and stored in your heart.  

Being an author, I say write things down! You can look back on words that your toddlers mispronounce that are just adorable and downright funny sometimes, share them with your children when they're older, reminisce and laugh out loud.  It is evidence of moments you treasured. Write down the things that they do as well; my grandson dumped his scrambled eggs out on the kitchen table and proceeded to wear the bowl on his head as a hat.  Now, if my daughter-in-law had not grabbed her camera at that moment, I would have missed it as the grandma who lives 21 hours away by car.   I'll give you that...I would have missed it and the joy and chuckle I got from the image, texted to me moments later. Too cute!

You know what I really miss?  Photo albums! Some of you may not even know what those are, since photos are digital now, rarely printed out and you can throw out the ones you don’t like!  Nevertheless, I've always loved leafing through old pictures.  That's why there are so many in my book, MOMMY MEMOIRS!

It is true that our modern day technology is offering us opportunities that were unheard of just five years ago, like Skype and Facetime!  I am grateful for the fact that we can “visit” with our grandsons anytime on our computers, see their faces, enjoy their energy, watch their antics, rejoice in their newly acquired skills…it is truly a delight. But what I really want is to see them in person, face to face, cuddle with them and read to them, then sit back and enjoy the special little moments that I enjoy as a grandmother…like watching my grown son wrestle with his little nineteen month old upon returning from his 5-1/2 months of deployment, or hearing my fourteen month old grandson doing one of his belly laughs, enjoying his silly daddy's dance around the living room.  Modern day technology won’t capture the warmth and tender feelings you experience as a parent, or grandparent…no matter how advanced it gets!  Those memories can only be captured in your heart!


What have you captured in your heart that hasn’t been caught on camera?  Have you started a journal or at least a little notebook to record their cute words and phrases?  Those I have enjoyed looking back on and smiling…great memories!


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