I remember, when my firstborn was only a few months old and I was a fairly new mom, thinking to myself ~ there must be more to life than cleaning my baby’s butt and doing laundry ad nauseum.  There was a serious lack of adult conversation in my life and I was starting to notice the way my brain was only able to form one syllable words and funny, high pitched, sing-song phrases!  What I guess I was striving for was a confirmed sense of significance in the 24/7 job from which there seemed to be no break and even less opportunity for sleep.

On a visit home with my helpless infant, I cried to my mom how I felt as though the famous lyrics of the song “Is that all there is?” defined my life.  I had longed for what seemed a painfully endless stretch of time to be a mom, (we had tried for 4+1/2 years) and finally, here I was in the beginning of my motherhood journey and I felt like I was wasting my life away with menial tasks, trying to receive something back from a 3 month old to help me feel significant!

Significance!  Isn’t that what we are all striving for in this life?  Don’t we all want to feel that we are having an impact on the people in our lives and even the people we hardly know who happen to cross our paths? Don’t we imagine having the chance to change the world in some small or big way by something we do, or say, create, invent or discover?  We each have opportunities on a regular basis to make an impact and change lives!  Isn't that amazing?

We all want to leave a footprint on someone’s heart so when we are gone, we will be remembered…Do you realize that motherhood allows you to do just that?  How can we be striving for more significance than what this role in the lives of our children can mean to who they become? Moms have significance in that we are the molders of our children’s behavior, their thoughts, their responses to the world they live in, their perceptions of life and themselves, and their contributions to society.  

Wilferd A. Peterson wrote, “Our children are watching us live, and what we are shouts louder than anything we can say.”  Oh yes, you can bet they are watching and imitating everything they see from us. If they see compassion, they learn to treat others with compassion; if they see us being forgiving, they learn to forgive; if they are praised, they will learn to believe in themselves and if they receive love, they will learn how to give love.  What more of an impact would we want to have?  We are molding them to be respectful, kind, caring and responsible.  We are teaching them to care about others, to be empathetic, to want to leave the world a richer place for having been here.  If we model what we want from our children, we will get it sooner than if we criticize them for what they are not doing or saying.

In loving our children we are not wasting our life.  We may have to do menial tasks in the everyday role of being moms, but if we see it as doing our part for a short time (and believe me, it is!) and serving those we love with a grateful, overflowing heart of gratitude, we will feel significant and valued~ probably not everyday but over time.  As Joyce Heinrich and Annette LaPlaca are quoted as saying: “Each loving act says loudly and clearly, ‘I love you.  God loves you.  I care.  God cares!’ “ We are showing our children the character of their Creator God, and Father in heaven .  Home is where we serve our families in meaningful ways that give us that feeling of significance we long for; home is where we live for God.


If you enjoyed this blog and can relate, please feel free to leave a comment!  Also see the article by Bruce Van Horn which you can find with this link: on being a world changer~ very inspiriing!