When was the last time?

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So, honestly, when was the last time you said thanks to a teacher?

Not just any teacher...although many deserve our thanks for putting up with and molding our children for so many hours, day in and day out!  However, I am referring to the really exceptional teachers that we know have had an impact on our children's lives and their education!  When was the last time we pulled them aside and said, "I really need to let you know how much you mean to our family.  We thank you for your commitment and your dedication to our child's education.  You have meant so much to our child and to our whole family.  You go above and beyond the call of duty and we appreciate your efforts with your students and your perseverance in a difficult job.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

When do we speak up? Usually it's to complain.  God forbid that is the only time we go to the administration or our school's superintendent.  What would happen to the education system in America if more teachers heard positive feedback for their unending work and their tireless dedication to their students?  Let's try letting them know that we are grateful when they put in the hours grading homework and going over exams.  Especially these days, with all the state mandates for education, our teachers are being stretched, so they need a pat on the shoulder and a heartfelt word of thanks! 

Let's pledge to give those great teachers a boost of encouragement and congratulate them on a job well done. We must let them know how they have had an influence on our children and how they have made a difference in their profession.  We should write a note or go to school and tell them in person...It is long overdue!