Time Away...Just What the Doctor Ordered

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One of the things you'll find when you're a new mom, or even an "old" mom with several children for that matter, is that you won't take time for yourself in your daily, weekly or even monthly routine because you are so busy meeting everyone else's needs in your family.  Can you relate? How often have you just craved a chance to get away, check into a hotel room and take some time to rejuvenate?  What are the things that you have put on the back burner because you are too busy running Junior to soccer practices and Princess to ballet lessons, grocery shopping and ?

We moms tend to sacrifice our own well-being on a pretty regular basis. I found that two of the things I really wanted to do which I never entertained the possibility of doing for lack of time, (writing and painting) were great joys once I made the time for them, after my kids had grown up and left the nest.  My bucket list became fairly extensive as I began to dream of doing some hobbies and traveling with my husband  that we didn't have the time for when we were younger, when our children were into all their activities and we had a household to maintain.

The irony of it all is how much healthier and happier you become if you discipline yourself to give yourself the gift of time now and then. What if we decided as young mothers to meet, once every few months, at a hotel for a girl's overnight? Here is a wonderful link to an article from the Huffington Post Parents website that speaks of Mama-time Alone by Zsofi McMullin that will give you a fresh perspective on the benefits of taking that time.  Enjoy this wonderful read!


P.S. I posted this same article a few days ago- disregard if you read it already! If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this idea...