What! No Instruction Manual?

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It doesn't seem right. Every toy that we have ever bought, every appliance that is on the market, every piece of equipment available from department stores all over this great nation of ours comes, not only with a 90-day money back guarantee, but a service agreement and lengthy instruction manual that takes a rocket scientist to figure out.  There are a gazillion steps with pictures and arrows and instructions that sound like a foreign language when you read them out loud.  With a baby, zip, zilch, zero, nothing, nil, nada!

I still can't believe I was allowed to leave the hospital with this newborn in my arms with no training whatsoever! As parents, we're supposed to figure everything out for ourselves; from how to feed them and burp them, to how to diaper them and get them to go to sleep...How does a parent survive colic? Why on earth would they suck on their own toes?  We have no instructions for what to do when...?!

How about when they have the habit of taking off their diaper and running around naked when you have dinner guests? Should we nurture their artistic tendencies when they draw on the walls with their poop?  When will they outgrow the urge to flush everything (including the pet hamster) down the toilet? Should we worry if they eat or drink out of the dog dish? How do we stop our little girls from lifting up their dresses when the children's choir is singing? How do we teach our boys that picking their noses during school concerts isn't appropriate?...

How do you discipline when you're trying very hard not to burst out in peals of laughter?

We parents should demand an instruction manual! ...Now there's an idea! Watch for it!


Excerpt (sections missing) taken from "MOMMY MEMOIRS- A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom", published by Morgan James Publishing, NYC - released 2/1/14 as a paperback, available as an eBook and due out as an audio book around Mother's Day!  Please feel free to download the free eBook Devotional Companion to go along with Mommy Memoirs from this website (go to the Parenting Resources) as my gift to my readers.

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