Just to let you know: Free eBook Devotional Companion 2/14


This won't be long because I don't want to crowd it out with a lot of extra information!  Just needed to let my readers know that I am offering a free eBook Devotional Companion with the purchase of my book, "MOMMY MEMOIRS, A Hilarious and Heart-warming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom" starting on Valentine's Day for a limited time only!

Please look on the Resources page of this blog for the download button over the weekend. from 2/14 to 2/21 and download this devotional as my gift to you for picking up my book.  If you already have a copy, then just download this devotional as a bonus! 

The Devotional Companion follows along with the book and will go more deeply into the mothering experience and give you a faith-filled, more meaningful perspective on what it means to be a mom!  Get a journal and write your own reflections down as you go chapter by chapter in the book and then read more in the Devotional.  I look forward to offering this and hearing your comments!  Please let me know what you think...

Thank you for journeying with me on this path we call motherhood and allowing me to share my adventures as you live yours! As I wrote in my book, I don't share too many of my failures because they are hard to admit, but I hope you enjoy each chapter and my candid, simple honesty and transparency... I realize not every book is for every reader! I hope you are glad you picked up mine!  God bless you as you raise your children for Him and/or reminisce about those days if you are beyond the child-bearing and child-rearing years!

Always look forward to hearing from you!  Please enjoy the eBook Devotional Companion and help me to spread the word if you like it, to recommend it to others on their journeys as moms, and invite them to visit this blog as well...Thanks, Ann