The "Bikini Bridge"

Bikini doll baby.jpg

So, have you heard this new trend phrase ~ “bikini bridge”? Yeah, I’m going to be bold and blog about it, even if there’s a risk that my using that phrase will just add to the hoax of trying to make it go viral.  If you guessed it has to do with young girls’ bodies, you’re right…like there is anything more we can do to put pressure on girls to fit our culture’s image of beautiful and sexy!

A “bikini bridge” is the span of cloth that stretches over the girl’s lower abdomen (pubic region) without touching the skin, if the young lady is skinny enough for her hip bones to protrude dramatically.  Nice huh? Unhealthy? Very likely.

Shame on the people who started this! They have no heart. They don’t realize how much young girls already struggle with their self confidence and body image in the years when they are so anxious to fit in and be engaged with the “in crowd”. I remember those years ~ it was no picnic!  So many middle school females (and high school for that matter) have to learn how to cope with changing hormones, heights that are sometimes taller than the boys their age, acne, and developing female “parts”! Do we really need to add to the concerns they already have at this stage?  It is enough to get through a day without their self esteem being hurt by the latest, most popular cliques or the humiliation of being denied an invitation to the upcoming school dance or junior prom.

We won’t even get started on the issues of bullying by girls who want and need to put others down in order to feel like they are at the top of the pecking order in their school. How many girls at the bottom have been subjected to so much pressure that they have found no other escape than cutting, drugs or suicide?

Our society glamorizes the svelte female body and claims that “thin is in”. Our media is now allowing soft-porn, touting it as advertising for Victoria’s Secret for instance.  It doesn’t matter any more what time of day you watch TV, these are on randomly throughout the day. Have we no shame as a culture any more?  God forbid there is any outcry against it for we would be accused of trampling on the freedom of speech and journalistic freedoms that our country holds so dear. Nevertheless, are there no societal boundaries for what is healthy and decent?

Consequently, the more ads that carry images of young women scantily dressed in nothing but underwear and feathered wings, the more anxiety we produce in the young girls of America who are trying to survive in the bodies God created for them. The last thing we want them to believe is that God makes mistakes!  We must teach them that God creates beauty in all shapes and sizes and that our culture doesn’t have it right!  If more young women looked to God for His approval, and less to our society for its rating, our homes would be filled with happy, loving, carefree young women who are grateful to their Creator for who they are, on the inside and the outside.