No Blog Post Tonight...Sorry!

Ramping up for the release of MOMMY MEMOIRS...please check back next week!  Love my readers!  Don't give up on me or forget my blog- Come back to visit again after the weekend!

Want to ask you, my readers, if you will help me spread the word?!  It is very exciting... "MOMMY MEMOIRS- A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom" is being released as a paperback on Saturday, Feb. 1st. It will also be available as an audio book around Mother's Day, so watch for it!


You can help in several ways: if you have read my book, consider posting a customer review on Barnes and Noble and  The link on Amazon is so you can go there to leave a review or to pick up a copy, if you don't have one yet! :-}

If you'd like to recommend my book to family and friends, please send them the link to this press release, which gives a great synopsis of MOMMY MEMOIRS:

I am hoping to offer a free eBook with the purchase of the paperback that takes moms more deeply into their motherhood journey and speaks to their hearts about God's perspective on our wonderful divine calling as a mother. Stay tuned about that Devotional Companion that will be available for a limited time only...details are still being ironed out with my publisher.                                                                                                                  

Would love for you to encourage your family and friends to think about baby shower gifts or Mother's Day gifts that they might consider my book for this coming year! Just planting seeds!

In addition, please encourage the moms you know to find me on:

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Love you all and am so grateful for your dedication to my blog! Please think about the topics you'd love to read about and leave comments when you can..."see you soon!"