We're All So Different and Yet the Same!

Mommy snuggling son.jpg

I was reminded today by my dear friend, who is a grandmother, of how each mother on this planet is unique and yet the same in many ways.  Her daughter just had a baby this past summer and my friend’s sweet little granddaughter is now around 6 months old.  At this point in her motherhood journey, my friend’s daughter has fallen head over heels in love with her baby.  However, it may not be like that for all of us in the beginning.

Sometimes we moms are just plain overwhelmed with our new roles.  At times, we need a few weeks, even months, to get accustomed to all of the responsibility that has suddenly fallen on our shoulders. We may look at our wrinkly tiny newborns and think, “What on earth have I done?” The magnitude of the job ahead of us can totally intimidate us and even throw some of us into a tailspin. It is healthier not to think of the whole picture right off the bat.  Taking one baby step, literally, at a time is highly recommended.

If we were career women before finding out we were pregnant, there is a major shift in focus and mindset that occurs, not to mention the shift in hormones that has us in major emotional upheaval most of the time. (Can you say “post partum”?)   Some women opt to stay in the work force, while others find that they need to stay home with their child and lay their dreams aside for a season. Just don’t ask me, if I’m a mom, if I work!  Don’t get me started on that jag!  

Some of us are awkward with our newborns, especially if we never had younger siblings and therefore missed the opportunity to “practice” being moms by helping watch them. Others take to it naturally as if they have been moms all their lives.  We are all so different and yet the same.

Just as our husbands may differ in the stages of fatherhood they feel most natural in, we moms can often enjoy different ages of our children more than others.  That’s not to say, that when our children get to be teens, none of us moms enjoy that stage.  Again, it varies.  I think I found the stage between newborn and toddlerhood to be the most frustrating, when my sons weren’t mobile enough to get what they wanted and got bored quickly if they were not being “entertained.” It is so hard to train them to entertain themselves!

So, all that to say, that we moms need to give ourselves some grace when it comes to our feelings and emotions about our children. We will not all love every stage with our whole heart. There will be times when we want to throw our hands up in frustration and yell, “This is for the birds!  Is this really what I have all these stretch marks for?” And just when you think you’ve had enough, your child will do something that wins your heart again…and you fall head over heels in love all over!