Leftovers ~ Part 2!

When my kids were small, I remember being so exhausted most of the time, that all I could think about was sleep when the boys were finally nestled under the covers, smelling of baby shampoo and talcum powder. There weren't many days when I reached that point in the evening and found myself with more energy than I knew what to do with~ and that's a confession I am not in the least bit proud to make!  It was very easy, as a young mom, to put everything I had into my kids, because that's what really good moms do, right?  We give and give to our children, to prove our love and show the world that we are good at our jobs! Alas, my poor husband! In my book entitled, MOMMY MEMOIRS, in a chapter called Leftovers for Hubby, I confess that in those early years of child-rearing, there were only slim pickings for my sweetheart when all was said and done at day's end.  Besides dealing with all my layers (I was always cold in Buffalo's painfully frigid winters) my husband dealt with my coldness, because all I could think when he reached out for me was, "Oh please, not tonight!  I'm exhausted!"

As moms, we must learn how to pace ourselves.  We should make sure that we have enough left over to offer our husbands something of us at the end of the day!  We need to understand that the marital relationship is our first priority, because if that relationship falters ~ we are sacrificing something too important!

A marriage that is strong and healthy is the biggest gift we can give to our children...read that again!

The best gift is not another day at the playground, not another sleepover with their buddies, not a birthday party with 50 children at Chuckie Cheese or a sledding party with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows, not a night out at the latest Pixar movie, or even tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, although those are all fine occasionally.  It is not yet another gift under the Christmas tree... The ultimate gift of utmost importance, is a marital relationship between Mom and Dad that is first and foremost in the center of the family universe!  Then we can take the time to be good moms, serving our children from the strong foundation of a healthy marriage.

I'm the first to say that I love leftovers after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I'm into all that deliciousness.  However, I can understand why my husband wants more than just the leftovers from me when it comes to our family.  We moms must make sure that there's more than a cold shoulder or stale buns being offered ~ if you catch my drift!  That way, everyone comes away satiated, happier and healthier.  That's one gift we can remember to give on Christmas Eve~ Let's say we let our husbands unwrap us this Christmas!

Ann Van De Water ~ Author, MOMMY MEMOIRS~ A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom

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