Ahh!  One of the best things about Thanksgiving ~ the leftovers: turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce, maybe even a little gravy smeared on the sourdough bread before inhaling a wonderful leftovers-sandwich! We are still eating turkey and ham, nearly a week later and it never ceases to amaze me that we don't tire of the fare.  That is definitely one of the best parts of cooking a big delicious meal~ you don't have to cook for a few days again and for some reason, everything tastes better after it sits in the fridge for a while! There's also something about smelling all those enticing aromas as the meal is cooking.  I truly believe that half the tradition of the holidays is the scents that waft through the house as the meal is cooking, desserts are baking, and stomachs are growling...anxious to tie on the feed bag and dive in!   Those are the kind of leftovers that everyone looks forward to~ and the type of leftovers that make for even more fabulous family memories.

However, this blog post is going to talk about leftovers that aren't so appetizing...that are not enjoyed when served cold...that are never filling enough because there is barely anything left to satisfy.  I'm talking about the leftovers that we moms often serve our hungry husbands after a seemingly endless, laborious day with the children.  Wham!  Bet you didn't see that coming!

How many of us women like cold leftovers like: a three-day old cold hamburger in it's soggy bun?  How about a bowl of cold mashed potatoes? What did people ever do before microwaves? What about a leafy salad that's become limp and wilted from the salad dressing with soggy little crouton squares that squish instead of crunch?  Then there's the brownies that never got covered and are now hard as rock?  I know...throw them in the microwave!  How would you like some cold, leftover scrambled eggs ~ have you ever tried having them late at night? Ugh!

Sorry...didn't mean to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth~ but I promise, it's a good message!  One you'll want to check out tomorrow...to see how I'll summarize this "leftover lamentation"!  More later ~ until then...

Ann Van De Water

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