You Know You're a Mom When...

I changed my mind because I am too excited to announce my winners tonight!  So here you go: The winners of my "Complete to Compete" Contest are~

Georgette Jebb, Lucy Allen,  Jacqui Biernat, Kelly Shannon Armes, and Michelle Steinhauser!

Congratulations ladies!!  I will be sending you the information you need to download your free digital copy of MOMMY MEMOIRS tomorrow.  Stay tuned on how to get your free eBook version of my book!   And thanks to everyone for playing~ Appreciated all your creative entries!  My family had fun going through everyone's "Complete to Compete Comments!"  Here are the winner's endings to the phrase~

"You know you're a mom when...

Nothing embarrasses you!" ~ Georgette Jebb

You spit wash your baby's face!" ~ Lucy Allen

You've had spit up, pee or poop on every piece of blothing you own, everything's in the wash and you've nothing clean to wear out and look presentable!" ~ Jacqui Biernat

You can tell the minute your child is out of their bed and everyone else in the room looks surprised when you tell them someone is up! " ~ Kelly Shannon Armes

When your heart breaks for your boy when he doesn't make the basketball team..."~ Michelle Steinhauser

Hope everyone had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving and that you all counted your children among your many blessings this year ~ no matter how old they are! ~Ann