Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What is it about the holidays?  Is it the food?  How about all the decorations?  This Thanksgiving we have a "turkey" as our centerpiece made of an acorn squash!  Too cute!  There is also a Fall-themed wreath up on our front door with orange, yellow and green and a tablecloth on the table with the same colors and threads of gold running through the fabric. At Christmas we go all out, of course, with a real tree, little white lights up on our house, a special Christmas tablecloth and towels, a pinecone and pine bough wreath on the front door, garland and pine cones on the mantel, and Christmas bears in between the railings of our staircase, as well as other festive decorations throughout the house.  (I LOVE the smell of pine~ and peppermint.)  I'm sure you must do the same.  There is just something about traditions!

Thanksgiving in our house is built around tradition.  The food I've served each year in most years past, is pretty much the same every time.  It has become "tradition" to have a turkey (duh!), and sometimes a ham as well (we love leftovers), green bean casserole, butternut squash with sweet potato mashed in, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy over mashed potatoes, and corn bread with kernel corn baked into it and butter and granulated sugar sprinkled on top! We usually have an assortment of pies (pumpkin, pecan and apple) and maybe serve those slices a la mode!  Yum!  And so, this was our menu again this year...

Some years we have invited people who don't have family in the area or who have no family to join us for our Thanksgiving meal.  It fills our table in the lean years and fills their hearts with love as we banter around the table when it's full, and enjoy the joy of family and share it with others.  There is just something about being with family during the holidays that can't be described or replaced.  We will be missing everyone this year at Christmas, except our youngest son Ben, however our hearts will still be full from this week's celebration.

This week a big storm threatened the East Coast.  Nevertheless, two of our three sons were here, two daughters-in-law and two precious grandsons!  We prayed for their safe travels as they congregated at our house for a glorious four day reunion.  Two little cousins were meeting for the very first time and we had many occasions for tears of joy.  Our hearts were filled to overflowing as the traditions continued...including going around the table to say what it is we are thankful for on this holiday of giving thanks for our many blessings.  We are thankful for everyone arriving safely, and we kept our one absent son in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day, as well as in grace as we do each and every day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I pray that you all celebrated a holiday to remember with abundant blessings that overflowed and hearts filled with treasured memories.  Thanks as always for reading and joining me in this special season of gratitude...I am thankful for each of you.  I praise God for countless reasons!

Ann Van De Water ~Author, MOMMY MEMOIRS

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