Still thankful?

Once they hit school age, we see them less during the day (unless we choose to home school) and can therefore feel more grateful for our limited time with them.  But we can struggle at this stage too. As they grow and the hormones kick in, it can be a challenge to stay positive as they challenge us, learn to spread their wings and look forward to taking on the world!  There will be times during the teen years when we don't want to be around them.  They can be moody, they often live like slobs, they rarely ask our advice, could care less what we think of many things, and infrequently offer up any conversation.  However, they deal with their own stressers like girlfriend cliches and young stud pecking orders and the pressures of dating and fashion, grades and social groups.  It can be overwhelming for our young people who are trying to find their place in the social scene. So, can we still be thankful? Can we look beyond the temporary issues that flare up and get in the way of our relationships, and still feel grateful that our children are in our lives, making their way,  sometimes adhering to our morals and values, sometimes bucking the system to the best of their ability?  Let me warn you! As difficult as it might seem right now, they will soon be gone. They will venture out on their own (hopefully) and be out from under our roof and under our skin. Suddenly, we will realize how thankful we can be that we all survived, no~ better yet, thrived through all these seasons of parenting and there is love to go around.  We can be thankful for who they have become!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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If you don't get here to this site again before this very special holiday...may you and your family have a VERY memorable Thanksgiving...being aware of and grateful for all of your blessings, especially your children!  May all of our hearts be filled this Thanksgiving with gratitude!