Will You be Giving Thanks?

So, as we think of all the things we feel blessed to have...are our children at the top of the list, under our spouses (if we are married)?  You may be going through a tough stage with parenting, or maybe you're just starting out and finding it very difficult to feel thankful through the dense fog of sleeplessness! The emotions and attitude towards parenting change as easily as the weather sometimes, and in Western New York, that can even mean many times daily, if not hourly ~ to be honest. As parents, our feelings for our children can fluctuate from thinking they're the "best thing since...(sliced bread?)" to not even enjoying  being in the same room with them. Don't feel guilty...they probably feel the same way at this point!  Can you say "teenager"?

As infants, they aren't very responsive at first, and many parents have a really hard time relating to them, as they seem like infinitely needy blobs without much personality.  Unless you are a cuddler like I was, (who couldn't get enough of the newborn smell and newness), this first stage can feel never-ending and incredibly tedious.  As toddlers, they are also exhausting and although they can be simply adorable, they can wear you out.  Once they hit age two (give or take a few months) the word "NO!" and the accompanying defiance can sometimes take us to the brink of patience depletion, if not over the edge if we're not careful.  As they fight to define their independence and get their demands met, they can often seem like little demons to our frazzled minds and we are constantly reaching for new ways to mold and guide their behavior without totally losing it.  There are days when we don't like them much at this stage either.

More tomorrow...Until then!

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If you don't get here again before this wonderful holiday...may you and yours have a VERY heartwarming Thanksgiving...remembering and counting all of your blessings, especially your children!  Give thanks with a grateful heart!