Can't wait to tell you about it!

Hey everyone! I am at a Parenting Conference in Livonia, Michigan!  Took 6 hours to drive here yesterday (preparing to leave, hence no blog post yesterday) and am headed off to the seminar shortly.  Wanted to let you know that tomorrow I will be posting a synopsis of the material that I learned today!

It is a seminar called "LOVE and LOGIC", and we are most interested to see how it compares with the philosophies of John Rosemond, James Leman (Empowering Parents~ The Total Transformation) Kevin Leman,  and  James Dobson, whom we have been following for many years and studying now that my husband, Wes and I have begun our Parent Coaching and Mentoring ministry.

We call it a ministry, rather than a business, because our hearts tell us it is so needed and we coach couples at all levels, with all of life's circumstances ~ heart to heart, wife to wife and husband to husband, as well as couple to couple.  It has been an honor and joy to be involved in turning family home environments around.  This is why I am here...and I can't wait to tell you all about it when I return home!

Tune in tomorrow!  Until then...