Teen girl fashions

Wow! I must be getting old! When I see the styles young girls are wearing these days, it curls my toes. I was a young girl once, really! But in all honesty, I know my mother would not have let me out of the house in some of the things I see out and about in this day and age. So call me old-fashioned, but I think that clothing manufacturers in the twenty-first century should be ashamed of themselves!

When you print something across the butt of a pair of shorts or jeans, it's begging to be read. If you wear those shorts or jeans, your'e begging for people to stare at your derriere...there's no two ways about it. And the length of the shorts is a whole other matter, not to mention the skirts that our daughters are wearing out in pubic ~ I mean public!  There's not much left to the imagination, if you ask me...but I guess you're not asking me.  After all, I was the mother of boys.  So I can't relate to the arguments you probably have with your girls over the clothes they choose in the morning for school. "But all my girlfriends wear this!" You probably hear it daily.  And granted, you can send her off to Catholic school in her plaid uniform only to find out from someone who saw her after school that she changed into a short skirt and tight top that you didn't realize were stashed into her backpack!

Of course there are tee-shirts that guys wear that can be very questionable too as far as I'm concerned. I've seen some highly raunchy sayings on torn, dirty tees that were the fashion choice of young men. Suggestive, sexual connotations are not my idea of public attire for "gentlemen".   I was always more than a little relieved and very grateful when our sons chose their youth group tees or polos with nothing written on them. No arguments there, just stains and wrinkles!

Fashion conflicts can be avoided later if respect for themselves is instilled earlier. If our daughters believe that they are worthy of respect, will they choose wisely when it comes to their wardrobes and public attire? I don't know...I'm a mom of three sons.  However, I still remember being a young girl once upon a time.  Come to think of it: maybe I am glad I never had daughters!  My hat's off to you moms of girls. It's got to be tough sometimes when they're 14 and want to dress like they're 24!  I did~