I can make a PB&J!

It's not hard to make. It's full of protein. There's a real sense of accomplishment for them to be able to make it for themselves, especially when they are little. Then, it's great to have on hand for growing bodies and big appetites. You're doing them a favor!  Teach them how to make their own PB&J!   Peanut butter, jelly, bread, gallons of milk, boxes of cereal and macaroni & cheese will be the standard "snacks" during their middle and high school years. They will save you! Be warned: teenage boys are always hungry! They can get up from the dinner table and an hour later be asking, "I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat around here?" I've seen entire half gallons of milk consumed in one sitting. Going back for "thirds" and "fourths" is more common than "seconds" when they are playing sports and putting on inches and pounds. Get ready to food shop several times a week sometimes, unless you are extremely organized and can spend $200 in one trip!

Then there are the clothes that seem to shrink overnight in their closets! It never ceases to amaze me how a pair of jeans worn just the week before suddenly seem a little too short at the ankles. I would take a shirt out of the closet and say, "Why don't you wear this anymore? It's so handsome on you!" My son would put it on and the sleeves would be half up his lower arm! Off we would go to Gap or Old Navy and the "old" new clothes would disappear in bags headed for Goodwill. It was a constantly revolving door at our house with clothing!

Raising three boys was a trip...to the store! Every store: the grocery store, the clothing store, the sporting goods store, the hardware store! Oh yeah ~ and a trip to the bank! But I wouldn't change a thing (except their clothes, of course!)  Maybe the fault was mine...maybe I fed them too many of those Pb&J's!

Re-posted from Sept. 8th, 2013 ~