The Day after Halloween ~ A Poem

We went trick-or-treating last night until eight.

With Mommy and Daddy, we all looked just great!

As goblins and skeletons, princesses, ghosts~

we knocked on each door and were greeted by hosts.

They handed out candy with many-a- smile,

we stood there so patiently, but just a short while...

and as soon as we felt goodies land in our bag,

we were off like a bolt , there was no need to nag!

By the time we were done, every door opened wide,

we dragged ourselves home to see what was inside.

We opened our bags as we let out a sigh,

You can bet we will be on a two-week-long-high!

But as the first day after Halloween came

we realized our stash really didn't look the same.

Somehow it had shrunk and our mom looked ashamed,

We knew without asking just who was to blame!

You see, it's tradition...we go everywhere~

Therefore, it is right that they get their fair share.

So right after school into the house we will race

To find mom with chocolate all over her face!