My Little Spaceman

Have you ever walked into a place like Party City or just about any big department store around Halloween and looked at the children's costumes hanging on the racks? You're lucky if you get away with spending only $19.99!  Normally, the cost of some of these getups is closer to forty bucks! Whatever happened to creativity and ingenuity? When we were first married and our boys were little, we tried to be smart with our money because quite frankly, we didn't have a lot to burn.  Consequently, Halloween usually meant scraping up ideas in the cupboards, drawers and closets to dress our little trick-or-treaters in something creative yet practical. Especially when they were young, the chance of them fitting into the same outfit for more than one year was highly unlikely.  Of course, if you have all boys, or all girls, then there's always the infamous and oh-so-loved hand-me-down, which is particularly enjoyed by the third in line!

Nevertheless, we came up with some pretty fancy costumes on little to no notice.  Don't you just love it when your elementary aged children come home from school on a Thursday and announce, "Tomorrow we're s'posed to wear costumes to school and march around to show everybody what we're wearin'!"  Gotta love it! Okay everyone~ let's kick into high gear and see what we can come up with!

Motherhood is exhilarating, hectic, exhausting!  It is one adventure after another. We have had zebras, skeletons, teddy bears, robots, pirates, karate kids, zombies, baseball players, soccer players, you name it~ even Daddy got involved one year, sitting on the front porch very still, dressed as an old, shriveled man with a mask, waiting for the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.  He stayed still and never scared the littlest costumed candy consumers but had fun with the older kids who were beyond the trick-or-treat years and still taking advantage of begging for a sugar high! Somehow that just never seemed right to us...

Then you have to go through all the candy and make sure everything is securely wrapped and not at all questionable.  Whatever happened to the candy apples and homemade bags of popcorn? Nevermore! I missed dressing up ballerinas and princesses, having had all boys.  If you happen to have an extra you can bring over to satisfy my longing, feel free! I always love opening the doors to fairy wings and wands, tiaras and tutus! Happy Halloween everyone.

************************************Excerpt taken from MOMMY MEMOIRS~ A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom, published by Morgan James Publishing, NYC.  Now available for pre-order from available as an eBook soon, as a paperback in Jan./Feb. 2014 and as an audio book around Mother's Day 2014!