It's you know where your children are?

Are you old enough to remember this little blurb that would come on the TV around 10:00 p.m.?A voice said, "It's 10:00.  Do you know where your children are?" A good reminder for parents to always stay on top of where their children were and who they were hanging out with, although I suspect it was "preaching to the choir." The parents that took note probably knew their kids were home sleeping or finishing up homework.  The ones that ignored the obtrusive prompt from the television probably didn't care much about where their kids were or what they were getting into at that hour anyway, which is why their kids were out getting into trouble late at night. I would like to propose a new question: It's you know where your children are? That's my way of putting a bug in your ear. On Sunday mornings, one of the best places to be for a kid (in my honest but biased opinion) is at Sunday school or youth group ministry. Hopefully, there's a church near you that offers a vibrant ministry that is interesting and engaging for children of all ages.  We were blessed to have an outstanding youth ministry that grabbed hold of our sons and didn't let them go until they headed off to college.  I attribute much of their success and healthy life choices to what they learned at Youth Group.

If it's Sunday morning and you don't know where your children are, or who they are hanging with, and you're sleeping in...let me invite you to come to church! I am hoping you will be warmly welcomed and fed there, and that you will find a children's ministry and/or youth group that will set your children's feet on a path filled with encouragement, support and positive influence. It's worth a try...and hey, you never know how it will change your life! Go for it!