Can I be honest with you?

Can I?  I don't ever want to come across to my readers as a know-it-all! Believe me, I don't know it all and the thought that anyone would think that I do just raises the hair on the back of my neck.  Moreover, if I come across as blustery and preachy, I risk losing my readers who just want to have their mother hearts touched by truth in this age where we are inundated with too many voices to choose from and to listen to!  We all want, as moms, to be at peace about the decisions we are making and the approaches we are taking with our kids.

One of the things that world renowned Child Psychologist John Rosemond speaks about is the risk of listening to too many parenting and mothering magazines, or websites, journals or newspaper columns (or bloggers!) that make you feel like you will never measure up.  We moms all subscribe to something and sadly, one of the things that might be unconscious on our part is the threat of what Rosemond calls "the Mother Bar" ~ the new standard of maternal achievement.  It is high! It tells today's moms that "A good mommy pays as much attention to their child as possible!" Wrong.  We must teach our children that a good child pays as much attention to their mom as possible. Isn't that a radical, liberating thought?  Doesn't it make sense?

I speak from experience and from the training I received as a Certified Leadership Parenting Coach from Rosemond who sees parenting from a different point of view than most child psychologists.  In my opinion, he offers (and consequently, now so do we) what my husband and I call~ "no-nonsense, common sense" parenting. We have lost sight of that in recent years and it would behoove us all to come back to it!

I can offer snippets of wisdom in my writing, because I have "been there and done that" in many cases.  But I don't have all the answers. Every family is different and motherhood can be a challenge!  It wouldn't have started with something called "labor" if it was going to be easy! However, much of it is common sense!   We must grab hold of that thought...and take a deep breath, step back and examine our hearts.

Much of what I write about comes out of my valuable training with John Rosemond because I do believe his wisdom is worth sharing. If even one mom's life becomes less complicated by applying something she reads here, I have done my job! Please let me know if it makes a difference to you. And please comment if something resonates with you in your mothering or if there is a topic that you are especially interested in reading about on this site. We bloggers need to know that we're making sense, and more importantly (to me)~ making a difference.  God bless you as you raise your little ones for Him!