Leaving a legacy: my role model

If you are one of the women who grew up without a role model for mothering, my heart goes out to you!  What I would have given for more time with mine!  My mom was fifty-six when she started to show signs of Alzheimer's.  Her mind deteriorated gradually until there was no one behind those dark brown eyes and we mourned her passing over the twenty years that she suffered from the disease.  It was a long and painful journey that ripped our family apart. Consequently, when my sons hit their teenage years, there were no more phone calls saying, "Mom I need your advice!" There were no more chances to glean from a loving mom the fine points of mothering and the wise counsel of someone who cared about and understood the fragility of family relationships. How I longed to hear her voice on the phone reminding me just once more, "There is justice. History repeats itself."

No doubt she is smiling down from heaven as each of her grandchildren accomplishes something new and wonderful, overcomes an obstacle, ties a knot with their chosen beloved or welcome a new little one into the world that would be her great-grandchild. I can picture her rejoicing with each proud moment, lamenting every falling tear, comforting us all from afar. Her spirit lives on through the generations in each little kindness, every caring word, a courtesy given and a hand extended in warm welcome.

God promises that in heaven there will be no more tears and I cling to that. I imagine Mom, radiant and beautiful, happy and free of the chains of Alzheimer's, still teaching me how to live and to love my family ~ reminding me that being a mom is a privilege and was one of the things that she did best.  Loving her family was her gift and legacy to us. I want to leave one too! Don't you?