Hovering is humiliating

There's a new term that has been coined in parenting: "Helicopter Moms."  Yes, it can refer to dads as well, but let's face it ~ it's the moms that tend to hover and micromanage because we have never been told that we shouldn't, that it's not good for our kids, that it's even bad for our health in terms of worry and anxiety!  It's what all moms do, right? Well, nowadays, a great many do...sometimes as a result of misunderstanding our role.

The one thing I think we all fail to realize is that when we hover and believe that we have to take care of all the little details in our kids' lives, not only do they not learn to do that for themselves, but it also reflects badly on our kids.  If we earn the title of "helicopter mom", our children have to deal with the reputation of having a helicopter mom. That can follow them all the way up through their school and educational careers. It is not a good term to connect to your family name. Teachers give each other the heads up when it comes to moms who have their well-intentioned noses in every aspect of classroom life and their children's educations.  Furthermore, as our kids get older, this detrimental form of parenting can have negative influences on their desperate attempts to mature and launch from our nests.

Don't let yourself become a helicopter mom! It doesn't do your children any favors.  They need to learn to do for themselves, even if it means experiencing some tough stuff as a result of bad decisions. We can't shield them from consequences throughout their lives.  That's just a fact.  Help them let go by letting go first yourself ~ it doesn't mean stepping away, just stepping back!