Can I have this dance?

I think I sound crazy! Maybe I am.  But I have to tell you that one of the most wonderful things my husband does is to put on "our song" (or any romantic song for that matter!) and invite me to drop everything and dance with him!  We do it all the time and it never grows old.  Quite honestly, it has helped us to grow older gracefully, still in each others' arms.

Yesterday I wrote about "til death do us part"!  Do young couples understand what that means when they speak their vows during their wedding ceremonies? So many engaged couples decide that they will write their own vows and that is truly a beautiful thing. However, if that line is left out of their commitment to each other, then something is definitely missing.  It's not okay to go into a marriage with the mindset that if things don't work out, oh well~ I'll move along and find someone else.  When Wes and I were married, we agreed verbally to each other that the word "divorce" was not going to be acceptable in our vocabulary.

It is truly something that needs to be understood.  There is a security and reassurance in that commitment that instills a peace and comfort in the marital relationship, if it is honestly spoken. Yes, there will be challenges and trouble~ that's guaranteed in any relationship.  We are broken, fallen, beings that are often too concerned about our own needs and desires.  That is our human flaw.  However, many relationships nowadays start on the unsure footing of "if it doesn't work out..." Bad news!

So what does this have to do with raising children? Everything!

There is no greater gift, as I wrote previously, that you can give your children than the gift of knowing that their parents are in it for the long haul...that they are committed to each other and their marriage through thick and thin, blessed times and lean times, sickness and health, "till death do us part!"  Our homes can only be peaceful havens if that is the groundwork that is laid before the children even come along. Moreover, the foundation needs to be strongly focused on and dependent on God as the center of the family.  With Him in the center, your chances are infinitely better!

So dance! Dance to reassure each other and your children that your love is here to stay. Dance to feel each others' heartbeats and know that even on the days when you feel very much apart and running in too many directions, your hearts are still connected. Dance to prove that you're going to make it work, no matter what you have to go through ~ because if you work through will be all the stronger on the other side!  Dance, because the blessings of hanging in there are countless and because your children will benefit from the steps you take together!