Mom's bionic ears

God did an amazing thing. He gave moms the bionic ears they need to hear their children when no one else does!  Have you ever noticed that? A mom can be at a playground with all kinds of noise surrounding her: the laughter of children, the squeak of the playground swings, the vroom-vroom of little boys playing in the sandbox with their toy trucks, the sounds of real trucks and other traffic on the street nearby, the rusty hinges of the teeter-totter as it goes up and down on either end, the crunch of the pebbles underfoot as children run and scream through the playground equipment in a lively game of Tag...and yet, one word: "Mommy!" beckons her eyes to rivet on her child.

There can be scores of wiggling bodies in every corner of the playground and yet that one word will have her zeroed in on her little one in a split second like a super woman. Granted, many other mothers may respond as's how we are conditioned. However, once their brains register (also in a split second) that it wasn't their child who called out, "Mommy!" they will look away and go back to their conversation on their cell phone or with their friend on the park bench. Nevertheless, each mom knows her child's voice and can make it out despite all the other noise coming at them from every direction.

It's also amazing to notice a Mom at home. She can be thick in the middle of making dinner, with children in the far reaches of the house. Then suddenly, she stops what she is doing and cocks her ear in the direction of her child's voice. It can be faint and hardly noticeable but she hears it and goes running. You didn't hear a thing, did you? But her bionic ears are at work, always.

It's clearly a huge relief when mom realizes that the imploring "Mommy!" was not an urgent call with an emergency attached to it! If it was a request for an audience on the playground, then she stays put and watches. But if she is needed, she's up in a flash and has dropped everything else: her conversation, her knitting, her iPad, her cell phone and whatever else has been holding her attention, to attend to her child. If she is at home, she'll even drop the fine china if she hears something she knows is an emergency. She can sense it in her bones before she hears it in the voice of her child.

We can't help it. It's how we're wired, isn't it? And that's a good thing ~ that's how God designed us. Before you have your own child you don't get it. You can't relate to the bionic ears or the mother instincts that tell you something is wrong and you are needed immediately. But if you are a mom reading this, you know what I'm talking about!

God is encouraged!  He gives all of us moms what we need to be good mothers ~ Just stay tuned in Super Woman!