Mommy's bionic nose

God also blessed moms with bionic noses! Everyone can be enjoying a Sunday afternoon picnic, outdoors even, when suddenly the mom with the littlest one in diapers stops short and swoops in to pick up her toddler. Yes, we've seen this happen: she lifts him up and sniffs his bottom and off she goes to the car to grab the diaper bag. How did she know? There's only one explanation. It's her bionic nose! It's that Mommy sixth-sense that alerts her when the diaper is loaded and needs to be changed. It's the bionic nose that allows her to smell her baby's full drawers from twenty feet away! It's amazing.

Of course, she has the option at that point of handing him over to Dad. She's done her job! She sniffed out the situation. Now he gets the honor of the cleanup duty! It has to be a tag-team effort. It shouldn't all fall on one parent's shoulders.  Teamwork is the name of the game.

It was such a challenge as the mom of little boys to get them on the changing table and suddenly have to lunge for a cloth or towel to cover up the "Fountain of Youth" before getting soaked myself! It was inevitable and if I had been really smart, I would have kept some goggles on the changing table! We went through many new diapers that never even got secured on their tiny butts before going in the garbage! Now they've come out with a new product called the "Pee-Pee Tee-Pee".  Have you seen it? Too funny...

Then there are the baby energizer bunnies who do everything in their power to crawl away from you mid-wipe when you try changing them on the floor! Those are tricky too  but you can bet it's going to become a game the more desperate you act to catch them.  It's too much fun to watch Mom and Dad frantically attempt to save the carpeting from a smudge or dribble as they scoot across the bedroom floor unhindered and exposed! "Catch me if you can" you can hear them say as their eyes bounce in pure delight and anticipation of the game.

God knew what he was doing when he gave energetic babies to young parents with bionic noses... not to mention the energy to stay "ahead of the game" with our little ones. Thank You Lord!